Poll: Turns Out White Dems Are More Bothered by Biden's Race Than Minorities Are


The party of diversity, inclusion, obsessive identity politics and white guilt will presumably choose a white man in his late 70s to be its nominee, and a great many white Democrats aren’t very happy about that.

In a new survey conducted by Pew Research Center, 2,000 Democratic or Democratic-leaning voters were asked how they felt about former Vice President Joe Biden’s being older and white.

The results found that 41 percent of Democrats took issue with Biden’s age and race.

White respondents were far more bothered than nonwhite Democrats.

The survey, which was conducted from April 7 – 12 and had a margin of error of plus or minus 2.1 percentage points, asked respondents if “the fact that the likely Democratic nominee is a white man in his 70s” bothered them.

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“Democratic voters who are bothered that the likely nominee is an older white man are more liberal, more educated, younger and more likely to be white than those who are not bothered, according to the survey, which was conducted just after Bernie Sanders suspended his presidential campaign,” Pew wrote of its findings.

“About seven-in-ten black (72%) and Hispanic (70%) Democrats say they are not bothered the likely nominee is a white man in his 70s,” the Pew survey also found. “By comparison, white Democrats are divided on this question: 49% say they are bothered and 51% say they are not.”

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After weaving through a crowded field of men and women from different generations, ethnicities and sexual orientations, Democrats now have a presumptive nominee in Biden who is not only white but will also be turning 78 in November.

If you’re a self-loathing white Democrat, that is apparently problematic.

The far-left is still obsessed with slavery and the politics of the Jim Crow era.

White liberal Democrats also tend to view older Americans as the origin of all the ills in the world.

Look no further for proof than the term “OK boomer,” which is used by younger liberals to imply that the older Americans are part of a problematic past, and don’t grasp the importance of the issues that plague the country.

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Still, Democrats — including white voters — chose Biden over what was touted as the most diverse field of candidates in the history of American politics.

Of the more than two dozen Democrats who launched presidential bids in the Democratic Party’s big government, identity politics-obsessed game of thrones, Biden — for all of his whiteness and age — was the last man standing.

White liberals have to live with that — or at least they think they do. While often accusing conservatives and the country of holding a prejudice toward minorities, white Democrats have a race problem.

White liberals “tend to present themselves as less competent when speaking to minorities — while conservatives do not,” The Miami Herald reported in evaluating a 2018 Yale University study on how white conservatives and liberals differ with regard to how they interact with minority Americans.

The Yale study concludes, “White liberals self-present less competence to minorities than to other Whites—that is, they patronize minorities stereotyped as lower status and less competent.”

The study, which also evaluated how political candidates addressed minorities, added: “Although Republican candidates did not significantly shift language based on audience racial composition, Democratic candidates used less competence-related language to minority audiences than to White audiences.”

White Democrats tend to take it upon themselves to speak for minority communities, and yet there lies a discrepancy in how they view their presumptive nominee’s age and ethnicity, which is at odds with the views of black and Hispanic voters.

A majority of nonwhite Democrats have no issue seeing past Biden’s color and age — which is something many white Democrats are coming to terms with.

Biden prevailed over their coveted diversity, and he did it all while often appearing to struggle with remembering what office he was running for and where he was.

Perhaps that is the issue that should bother all Democrats.

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