Pregnant Woman Flees Abusive Boyfriend. Then Meets Stranger on Plane Who Adopts Newborn Son


Samantha Snipes was only 24 years old when she found out she was pregnant with her abuser’s baby.

She had been planning on leaving him, she was almost free. That’s when she found out.

But at the shocking news of her pregnancy, Samantha was surprised to find herself excited to have this baby.

It was going to be life changing. But her abuser only became more aggressive after learning his now-pregnant girlfriend’s news.

She remembers the day she finally worked up the courage to leave. He pushed her onto their bed. He put his hands around her neck. He choked her trying to instill the fear of God. And it worked.

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Samantha left and never looked back.

She finally came clean to her mother and let her know she was carrying her grandchild. Her mother, who she’d had a rocky relationship with, agreed to book her a plane ticket home at once.

But things did not get better, and her mother was drinking daily. Samantha began feeling disconnected and depressed. She considered abortion. She considered adoption. There were mornings she didn’t want to get out of bed ever again.

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Through it all, though, there was one light in her life during this difficult time: a man she had met while playing an online video game.

He didn’t care that she was 8 months pregnant, he didn’t care about her past — he just wanted her. He wanted to see if there was anything between them when they were finally face to face.

She decided to fly to North Carolina and meet her mystery suitor, but she missed her flight.

Little did Samantha know, missing that flight would change every single detail of her life as she knew it.

A standby seat soon opened up, and she sat next to a woman who was bubbly and friendly. In just an hour, she felt like she had known her for years.

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They talked about her birth plan, adoption, and life. The woman named Temple even gave Samantha her phone number and said to call if she ever needed anything.

Samantha was with her boyfriend for just three days when it happened. She went into labor a month early.

After rushing to the hospital with him, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy 12 minutes later.

The next day, her boyfriend had to go to work and Samantha found herself alone again. She called her mother who demanded she bring the baby back home to her so that Samantha could rest in her room.

But after she hung up the phone, she broke down in tears. What could she do? She was utterly and completely alone. Until a single word crossed her mind — Temple.

She searched for the number and dialed, not knowing what to expect. Temple was delighted to hear from her and agreed to drive to the hospital to keep her company.

As Samantha watched Temple feed her newborn son in the hospital room, she realized she was watching the woman who was meant to raise her son.

She told Temple she wanted her to adopt her little baby boy. Temple was shocked, completely caught off guard. Moments later, they both broke down sobbing in each other’s arms as Temple accepted and named the baby Vaughn.

Samantha soon contacted her mother to tell her the news, but she did not take things well at all.

Temple quickly began making living arrangements for Samantha so she would not have to return to her mother’s home. She went above and beyond to help Samantha get back on her feet.

Fast forward two years, and Samantha and her loving boyfriend that she met just three days before giving birth have been together since the day they met. His family has accepted her as one of their own.

Temple and Samantha still talk daily and even work together. Samantha is now pursuing photography and business is already taking off.

Samantha has a message for anyone going through a hard time.

“I want everyone to know that even though the walls may feel as if they are closing in on you, if you just trust your heart and have FAITH, it will get better.”

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