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Primaveras Release New Track That Billboard is Calling 'Dreamy'


Formerly known as Modern Howls, the Southern California-based Primaveras have released a brand new track from their upcoming album “Echoes in the Well of Being.”

The album isn’t slated to be released until Sept. 28, but the latest drop “Can’t Undo My Love” is already gaining notoriety with Billboard referring to the song as “dreamy.”

The song’s sunny appeal makes you want to roll the windows down and head to the beach.

Frontman James Clifford told Billboard the song was somewhat of a surprise: “The chorus came to me in one of those magical one-in-a-million moments where I was messing around with some chords and the hook just popped out.”

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Clifford also said the song was “definitely one of my favorite songs off the record.” Something he is very proud of.

The lead single off the album, “Better Off,” was inspired by David Bowie, one of Clifford’s musical influences.

It’s groovy sound and strong California vibes are what in part helped make the Primaveras debut album, “Julian Jasper,” so successful last year.

You can listen to songs from the upcoming album, including “Can’t Undo My Love,” on Soundcloud.

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Keeley is a former contributor to The Western Journal.
Keeley is a former contributor to The Western Journal.