Prince George Turns 5! Palace Releases Photo of Future King to Celebrate


Nearly every family has some sort of birthday tradition, and the royal family is no different. They have started a tradition of presenting the world with a new photo of their children every year on their birthdays.

Sure, pictures of the young ones get snapped occasionally, but to have photos hand-selected by the parents to highlight the blooming character of their children is something completely different.

Prince George is their firstborn, and was born July 22, 2013 — that makes this his fifth year of life and of gracing fans with his cheeky smiles. The family has released a new photo of him in keeping with their tradition.

It all started on day one, when mom and dad were ushered from the hospital with their new bundle of joy.

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It was the first glimpse at Prince George, and the blue-and-white clothing theme continued on throughout almost every birthday photo afterwards.

On George’s first birthday, the little family went exploring at a museum butterfly garden. George looks enthralled by the delicate winged creatures as his mother holds him just out of grabbing distance.

He was sporting adorable overalls and a navy shirt. So far, it’s the only birthday picture of his (other than the one from his literal birth day) that features both of his parents.

Year two blessed the world with a grinning George who seemed about to tumble from his father’s arms. But dad had a good hold on the boy, and the photographer managed to catch the cute pose.

The next year, George’s smile faded the slightest bit — maybe he was too busy concentrating on holding on to the swing or the light was in his eyes.

Either way, still adorable. And the blue and white stripes return!

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George’s fourth birthday was announced with a photo that highlighted his golden hair and bright eyes. The toothy grin also made a comeback!

The photographer for this year, Matt Porteous, snapped this year’s birthday pic of George in front a brick wall in Clarence House’s garden.

The photo already has over 43,000 likes and 1,000 comments, suggesting that there are at least as many birthday wishes floating around out there for the kiddo.

Of course, the Kensington Palace account posted a very reserved and appropriate caption with the image of the beaming boy.

“The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are very pleased to share a new photograph of Prince George to mark his fifth birthday – thank you everyone for your lovely messages,” it read.

There’s also been a trend for Prince George’s photos to be taken on the same day as his siblings were christened: His second birthday photo was taken at the same time Princess Charlotte’s christening and photos were taken, and this year they were taken during Prince Louis’ christening photo shoot.

Some have said the young lad looks more like Prince William than Catherine, and some even draw a line to Mike Middleton, the boy’s grandfather. Who do you think he looks most like?

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