Pro-Life Group Responds to Vandals Who Burned Office with a Message Straight from the Bible


A pro-life organization in Wisconsin was vandalized by pro-choice activists on May 8.

But instead of responding with rage or frustration to the protesters, the non-profit, Wisconsin Family Action, addressed the situation with calm and love, Fox News reported.

On May 8, a Molotov cocktail was tossed into a window of the pro-life organization.

Despite this aggressive and violent action, the leaders of the organization responded with a message from the Bible.

“We’re doing really great,” Micah Pearce told host Carley Shimkus on Fox and Friends.

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“To suffer for Christ’s sake doesn’t really feel like such a heavy burden. Early on, Dave – one of our staff members – reminded us … now’s a really good chance to remember to love your enemy and that’s the attitude we have,” Pearce added. “If there’s a message, it’s that we don’t hate you and we, as an organization, would love to talk about the issues and would never resort to violence.”

Since the leak about the Supreme Court possibly looking to overturn Roe v Wade, there has been an increase in pro-choice demonstrations. Some of these have been aggressive.

Activists even gathered outside the homes of Supreme Court justices Brett Kavanaugh and John Roberts, the New York Post reported.

“The time for civility is over, man,” protest organizer Lacie Wooten-Holway, told Bloomberg. “Being polite doesn’t get you anywhere.”

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In Boston, on May 8, one pro-choice demonstrator swung a bike lock at an anti-abortion speaker and almost hit him in the head, NBC Boston reported.

“Someone came up with a bike lock, and they tried to hit me in the head,” David Giuggio told the outlet. Giuggio, an anti-abortion advocate, was speaking at a demonstration across from a pro-choice protest when he was almost hit. “I was a little surprised, but in a way, not fully because I’m expecting this right now.

“I dodged it, but it came at my head, and I was grabbed, my arm was grabbed. I was pushed, and he was trying to specifically hit me in the head,” Giuggio said.

After these incidents, some have called out the Biden administration for not addressing the aggression from the pro-choice demonstrators.

Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate Kevin Nicholson specifically criticized the White House after the violence in Wisconsin on May 8.

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“That is after the left, Joe Biden, Tony Evers [governor of Wisconsin] has propagated and encouraged people to basically enact mob law and mob rule in any which way that they can. It’s ridiculous,” he said, Fox News reported.

Nicholson added that the act of abortion is also an “act of violence against an innocent person.”

Meanwhile, Wisconsin Family Council Chairman Jack Hoogendyk told Fox that those responsible for the attack on the pro-life organization “need to be brought to justice” and that the investigation is ongoing.

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