Pro-Trump 'Dreamer' Runs for Congress To Combat Dems' Deceptive Immigration Rhetoric


A Taiwanese immigrant who stayed in the United States illegally as a child is running for Congress in Michigan as a pro-Donald Trump Republican.

Whittney Williams, who currently serves as the director of diversity for the 11th Congressional District Republican Committee, announced Monday she will be challenging incumbent Democratic Rep. Haley Stevens, The Daily Caller reported.

Williams is running on a pro-life, pro-Second Amendment and pro-border security platform.

“I am running for Congress because I love our country, believe in the American Dream, and want to fight back against the radical left’s socialist agenda,” she said in a news release.

Williams first arrived in the United States as a 10-year-old with her family on a tourist visa.

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But she overstayed her visa and remained in the country illegally, according to Fox News.

“I was basically called a Dreamer,” Williams said on “Fox and Friends,” using a term that refers to recipients of former President Barack Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

As Fox noted, the program, created by an Obama executive order in 2012, “granted illegal immigrants or ‘Dreamers’ who were brought to the United States as children the opportunity to receive a renewable two-year reprieve from deportation and become eligible for a work permit.”

“I don’t wish that life upon anybody and that’s why I feel the need to speak up now, because the narrative from the left is not portraying that side of the story well,” Williams said.

Do you think Williams will win her election?

“The DACA and DREAM Act didn’t work for me because, even though it was proposed in 2001, nothing was done and Obama ran on campaigning by passing the DREAM Act in his first term and second term,” she said.

“But then nothing was done and so he used an unconstitutional executive order to put in place DACA.”

Williams denounced the “temporary solution” that DACA caused and expressed hope that “President Trump is trying his best to find a permanent solution for those that are here like me, Dreamers.”

“As a former illegal immigrant who lived in the shadows for 16 years, I know what that experience is like and wish it on no one. Congressional Democrats are lying to the American public — they would rather have open borders instead of actually solving the immigration crisis and supporting Dreamers like me,” she told The Daily Caller.

“They know the immigration crisis cannot be solved as long as they push their radical anti-American, anti-immigrant, and anti-Dreamer open border agenda. I support border security to put an end to this once and for all.”

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Watch Williams’ full interview on “Fox & Friends” below.

A campaign spokesman denounced Democrats’ politically motivated treatment of immigrants, noting that Williams can challenge that image with her conservative platform.

“[Democrats] were using people like her that were in her position as a political prop,” the spokesman told The Daily Caller.

“She’s crossed all of the preconceived notions — these boxes that they put you in — that you have to think a certain way because of what you look like or where you’re from or who you are,” he said.

“She destroys identity politics game.”

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