Punk Breaking In Thinks He Has 11-Year-Old Handled, Then the Kid Grabs a Machete and Gets To Work


An 11-year-old North Carolina boy recently proved that he had the ability to defend his life when an intruder who entered his home found out the hard way that breaking and entering is a risky way to make a living.

According to Fox News, Braydon Smith was home alone when he heard a knock at the door, he said. After answering and seeing a woman at the door, 19-year-old Jataveon Dashawn Hall entered the home through a window — and that’s when Smith went into survival mode.

In an interview with a WTVD reporter, Smith said the intruder used a pellet gun he found in the home to force the boy into a closet. After a period of time, Smith left the closet and grabbed a machete that was hanging on his wall. He confronted the intruder and a struggle ensued.

The heroic boy said he landed a serious blow on the back of Hall’s neck when the would-be thief tried putting a cell phone in his pocket. Hall fought back by kicking the boy and then returned to his attempt at stealing items from the house, WTVD reported.

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Smith mustered even more courage and tried fighting back again, he said, but missed with his second swing of the machete.

But that’s when the intruder realized he was in danger, as he noticed blood pouring from the machete wound. At that point, Smith said, the intruder dropped the valuables and high-tailed it out of the home.

Smith took action because, according to the WFLA reporter, his dad taught him to defend himself after thieves broke into the house in previous years.

“If they come in the door, you let ’em have it,” his father, Christopher, said. And that’s exactly what the boy did.

Are you proud of this young man for defending himself?

When the reporter asked Smith if he was scared during the confrontation, the boy said, “It went by really fast, and I knew that I didn’t have any time to think about what I was going to do.”

Thanks to the availability of a weapon and thanks to his father for instilling in the boy that he didn’t have to be a victim, Smith acted instinctively.

This type of story highlights the importance of our Second Amendment and having the legal right to use a gun, or in this case a machete, to defend lives and property.

Weapons tend to give would-be victims an upper-hand that can make the difference between life and death.

As Hall ran out of the house, bleeding from the 11-year-old’s strike to the neck, two accomplices drove him away. He ended up at a local hospital, from which where he later escaped.

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According to an Orange County Sheriff’s Office Facebook post, an anonymous tip eventually led authorities to Hall’s mother’s house, where they found the suspect and arrested him. He was taken to a detention center with a $100,000 secure bond.

Let this be an eye-opening lesson to would-be intruders everywhere.

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