Racist Fish: Not Even Mermaids Are Safe from the Anti-Statue Mob


As left-wing protests sweep across the globe, the perpetrators behind the unrest appear to have lost their grip on reality.

Nowhere is this clearer than in Copenhagen, Denmark, where a statue of the Little Mermaid was defaced earlier this month with graffiti reading “Racist Fish.”

A Copenhagen police spokesman told Sky News that “we consider it vandalism and have started an investigation,” and the outlet reported July 3 that “no one has come forward to claim responsibility for defacing the famous landmark.”

Hans Christian Andersen wrote “The Little Mermaid,” which tells the tale of a mermaid sea princess who wants to become human after she falls in love with a human prince, in 1837. The vandalized statue was put up approximately a century ago.

An animated movie based on the fairy tale was released in 1989, and a live-action remake starring African-American actress and singer Halle Bailey as the Little Mermaid character is coming out in the near future.

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One would think that should be enough to squash the “racism” narrative.

But it apparently wasn’t.

Ane Grum-Schwensena, a researcher at the University of Southern Denmark’s Hans Christian Andersen Centre, told Sky News she was “having a hard time seeing what is particularly racist” about the fairy tale.

She’s definitely not alone in holding that position. Actions taken by the left-wing mob in recent weeks have raise questions about whether or not the mass destruction of statues really has anything to do with striving for racial equality.

If the goal of the protesters is to simply remove monuments to hardened racists, then it makes absolutely no sense to target a statue of African-American abolitionist Frederick Douglass. Yet, that’s exactly what happened last weekend in Rochester, New York.

A statue paying homage to Douglass located in the upstate New York city where he spent much of his life was “ripped off its concrete base and dragged away in a Rochester, New York park Sunday night,” The Daily Caller News Foundation reported Monday.

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The indiscriminate destruction of statues and monuments has not spared other historical figures who fought or otherwise advocated for an end slavery, including Ulysses S. Grant, who led the Union Army to victory in the Civil War, and abolitionist Matthias Baldwin.

Either these far-left protesters have no knowledge of history, or they have something far more sinister in mind.

Maybe it’s a little bit of both. As for what might be developing beneath the surface, keep in mind what Venezuela native Elizabeth Rogliani said recently: The toppling of statues is just the first step in a slippery slope that, in the case of her own country, continued with attacks on school curriculums and movies.

Now, Venezuela is an impoverished third-world dystopia with a rapidly shrinking economy and an out-of-control inflation rate. For some reason, far-left revolutionaries want to make those horror stories a reality here in the United States.

Rogliani, who now lives in the United States, correctly pointed out that “there’s clearly a lot of people wanting to destroy the U.S.”

President Donald Trump touched upon this in his Mount Rushmore address over the holiday weekend when he brought up how “this left-wing cultural revolution is designed to overthrow the American Revolution.”

Do the left-wing protesters toppling and vandalizing statues seek to undermine western civilization at its core?

The fact that the vandalism and destruction of monuments has extended to statues depicting the Little Mermaid proves that this “left-wing cultural revolution” goes far beyond a hatred of America and illustrates a desire to destroy western civilization as a whole.

As Sky News reported, the statue has “been painted, knocked off its perch and beheaded twice, with anti-whaling campaigners and pro-democracy activists among those who have defaced it in the past.” This time, it was vandalized because the anti-statue mob deemed it “racist.”

Patriots in the United States, Denmark and any other country that has become a target of the left-wing mob should follow Rogliani’s advice and “guard your country and your society or it will be destroyed.” The left-wing anarchists perpetuating this wave of destruction are counting on complacency.

Sadly, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, third in line to the presidency of the United States, demonstrated apathy toward the destruction of statues during a news conference last week.

Should this complacency continue, even the most innocent statues at home and abroad will fall victim to the mob.

Contrary to what the mob and its enablers in the establishment media proclaim, the vandalism of statues will not make America and the world a better place. If anything, this mass destruction will make life much, much worse.

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Ryan holds a bachelor of arts in political science from Rhode Island College. In addition to participating in the National Journalism Center’s internship program, he has written for several conservative publications.
Ryan holds a bachelor of arts in political science from Rhode Island College. In addition to participating in the National Journalism Center’s internship program, he has written for several conservative publications.