Reaction to Rush's Cancer Shows Leftists Wanting To Control Health Care Also Want Him To Die


Now, I can’t speak for everyone, but when I show up at the emergency room or walk in the door for my annual physical, there is only one question on my mind: “Can this doctor save or improve the quality of my life?” Full stop.

I do not proceed to wonder whether they are male or female, young or old, Caucasian or otherwise.

Nor do my thoughts bring me to consider which political party the individual caring for me affiliates with or who they might have cast their ballot for last November.

In turn, it is my greatest hope that, when I sit down in that office chair or lie on that cold, sterile hospital bed, the person caring for me isn’t running through any of those questions either — only, “How can I save or improve this man’s life?”

Unfortunately, however, if I have learned anything from Rush Limbaugh’s recently revealed late-stage lung cancer diagnosis, it is that many left-wing pundits and cultural figures simply cannot keep themselves from asking all those other unrelated questions.

Why, you might ask? Because apparently knowing the political beliefs of their peers colors the way these supposedly inclusive leftists intend to treat a person.

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And if the left’s behavior regarding Limbaugh is any indicator, knowledge about those beliefs will color their treatment of a person in a deeply negative way, should that person happen to be a conservative.

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A long-despised figure in left-wing political media spheres, the words “have been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer” could hardly escape Limbaugh’s lips before the mob descended on him Monday afternoon.

As right-wing activists and fans, and even a share of reasonable Democrats, made it a point to set differences aside and express sadness at the radio host’s live announcement, the social justice left celebrated.

And I do mean celebrated.

“Ask yourself this simple question: is the world a better place or a worse place with Rush Limbaugh in it?” supposed religious scholar and former CNN host Reza Aslan said.

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“I know we shouldn’t celebrate one’s misfortunes…. but #PartyOverHere,” film producer Tariq Nasheed tweeted, attaching an apparently comedic video of several individuals vigorously dancing.

Even those on the left unwilling to sally the entirety of their reputation with tasteless jokes on the matter were not above the pig pile, repeating the trite sentiment that they would never wish ill upon anyone — always followed by a “but” and a string of adjectives aimed at assassinating Limbaugh’s character.

The only thing that makes remarks such as these all the more disgusting and disquieting is the realization of just who’s delivering them.

It is entirely those on the hard left, of course.

And remember, it’s those on the far left who are are radical enough that they support socialized medicine.

Let that sit for a moment.

On the ever-growing radical fringes of the new American left there is a contingent of individuals talking from one side of their mouths about the dignity of human life and the importance of a fair and equal health care system, and from the other side of their mouths about how wonderful a world we would live in if a political opponent were to die of lung cancer.

Of course, their policy prescription for creating such a health care system is that the representatives of their choice be elected to higher office and given total governmental control over said system and its marketplace.

They want control over who receives care, how much of it, when they receive it and how.

In short, they want the reins of power.

Considering their character flaws are so deep they would cheer a man’s cancer diagnosis over political disagreements, I desperately hope the reins are never handed over to them.

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