Red Wave Building? Stunning Poll Shows 2/3 of Independents Agree with GOP, Not Democrats


A poll conducted before President Joe Biden’s incompetence got 13 American servicemen killed in Afghanistan on Thursday shows that Democrats could be in for a melee in the midterms.

Democrats are already at a disadvantage going into 2022 after taking the White House and the Senate in November. In the months since, the country has experienced one crisis after another, and polling shows there could be a red wave on the horizon.

Independent voters are not aligned with Democrats with regard to the state of the country and its future; in fact, two-thirds of unaffiliated voters don’t see eye to eye with the American left. Republicans and independents share a similar pessimism about the direction of the country under President Joe Biden.

A new Trafalgar Group poll asked voters how optimistic they were about the future of America. The results showed Democrats are the only political group that isn’t paying attention.

Forty-four percent of respondents said they were optimistic, and 53 percent said they were not. But the buried lede is how the independents felt.

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While 62.2 percent of Democrats said they were optimistic, just 32.8 percent of independent voters said they felt good about where the country is headed.

That number is only slightly above the 31 percent of Republicans who said they were optimistic about America’s future. The independent voters who decide elections stand with Republicans 2-1 against Democrats on this critical question.

Not to mention that the poll oversampled Democrats — meaning that it might not show just how little Americans trust the country’s radical ruling party.

The poll was conducted from Aug. 14 to Aug. 16 among 1,073 likely general election voters with a margin of error of +/- 2.99 percentage points.

Keep in mind that polling began before the fall of Kabul and ended at the beginning of the Afghanistan evacuation disaster.

Do you think the GOP will take back the House and Senate in 2022?

This means that other crises had Republicans and independents feeling pessimistic while Democrats kept their heads buried in the sand and were perfectly content with forever coronavirus mandates, job vacancies, rising inflation and an open border.

Now, a humiliating defeat in Afghanistan that cost American lives might cost Democrats the House and the Senate next fall.

Perhaps then Biden’s power to destroy everything he touches might be checked.

Americans don’t like losing 20-year wars. We don’t like seeing our tax dollars go to arming terrorists, and we won’t tolerate an incompetent and senile old man ducking responsibility for his deadly errors.

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This poll was completed before Biden’s actions led to American blood being spilled in Kabul. It was conducted before American citizens were stranded by their president.

Biden is a disgrace — and as far as optimism about his leadership goes, Democrats are alone.

Independents seem primed to help Republican voters hold Democrats accountable by throwing them out of power next year.

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