Report: Bloodthirsty Jihadists Cover Christian in Gasoline, Try To Burn Him Three Times Until Miracle Happens


In a stunning testament to the power of miracles, an Iraqi Christian said he was set on fire three times by Islamic State group jihadists only to escape unscathed from the brutal murder attempts.

The unidentified Yazidi man said he was imprisoned by the terrorists for two months and tortured after they learned he was a Christian, according to “Hearts and Hands: Iraq,” a 2019 documentary made by Christian activist Sean Feucht and Bethel Music, a Christian music label.

Three times, the jihadists tried to burn him alive, the man said. At one point, he said his captors stoned him and drenched him in 20 gallons of gasoline.

Amazingly, the man said he survived each incident without suffering any burns — a blessing he attributed to Jesus.

“They burned me, but I didn’t burn,” he said in the film.

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The persecuted Christian said Jesus appeared twice in his dreams and spoke to him.

Feucht does missionary work around the world to help persecuted Christians who live in places “where Christianity once flourished but is now near extinction,” according to Fox News.

He made his documentary to chronicle the persecution that Christians suffer overseas.

Do you think American Christians are doing enough to help our persecuted brothers and sisters around the world?

“The Yazidis … were really targeted by ISIS for genocide,” he told Fox. “They were raped. They were beaten. They were executed.”

“ISIS didn’t even want to imprison them, they just wanted to kill them, wipe them off the map.”

Feucht said speaking to survivors like the Yazidi man who recounted surviving multiple burning attempts underscores that miracles do happen — even during the bleakest and most hopeless of moments.

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“I feel like we’re really called to the most persecuted, closed, dark, marginalized places,” Feucht said, noting that he has traveled to “some of the topmost closed countries and places where it’s illegal to be a Christian.”

While many people would become demoralized when encountering such heart-wrenching tales of human suffering, Feucht said they inspire him to do more to spread the word of God.

“That’s the essence of the gospel to go into places where no one else is willing to go,” he said.

High-profile Christians such as Vice President Mike Pence and actor Jim Caviezel have sounded the alarm on the escalating anti-Christian attacks around the world.

“Barbaric Christian persecution is something that still goes on today,” Caviezel has said.

Pence, for his part, warned graduating seniors at Liberty University in 2019 that they may be attacked and mocked for their Christian beliefs after they leave the campus of their Christian college.

Pence indicated the attacks would come from the mainstream media, “Hollywood liberals” and “the secular left.”

However, the vice president urged Christian students to remain steadfast and not cave to godless heathens.

“Some of the loudest voices for tolerance today have little tolerance for traditional Christian beliefs,” Pence said. “So as you go about your daily life, just be ready.”

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