Rescuer Looks into 7 Week Old Calf's Eyes and Knows Something is Very Wrong


When Dan, owner of Barn Sanctuary, first got the call about a rescue calf struggling to walk and in need of help, he didn’t hesitate to act.

He had no idea that the little calf would come with a bit of baggage that very few people have the patience to handle.

It wasn’t long after the 7-week-old calf arrived at the farm that Dan realized the animal was having trouble seeing. A trip to the vet revealed the worst.

The calf, who Dan named Mike, was completely blind in one eye and had a massive cataract in the other. But that wasn’t all.

The vet also learned that the retina in Mike’s only functioning eye was already 50% detached. He would eventually one day go blind.

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Dan quickly asked what the next step was. Was there a surgery? The vet’s response was simple: “Well, that’s pretty much all you can do for cows and stuff…”

Dan couldn’t believe what he had just heard. He asked if that had a surgery for dogs, cats, or horses for the same ailment, to which they said they did.

“An eye is an eye,” said Dan.

He began his desperate search for a vet who was willing to attempt to fix Mike’s eye. After weeks of looking, Dan found a vet who was willing to give it a go.

The only problem? He was located thousands of miles away.

But Dan was dedicated to his new friend. So he loaded Mike into his van and began a cross-country trip to save his sight.

Unfortunately, the surgery did not save Mike’s vision, but he’s still just as happy as he was when he had his sight.

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Dan decided to help Mike make the best of it. While they were in California, Dan took Mike to the beach.

He felt the sand between his hoofs, smelled the salt in the ocean air and listened to gulls call.

“For the rest of my life and the rest of his life, we’ll have a special bond that pretty much only we’ll understand.”

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