Rescuers Transform Terrified Pit Bull Abandoned in Basement and Left for Dead

There are plenty of rescues out there that help move unwanted dogs and cats into loving, caring homes. There’s nothing more satisfying than watching an abandoned critter finally settle into a forever home, where they will be provided for and understood.

Some rescues look for difficult cases, though. They specifically try to get the least-wanted and neediest cases, helping pups with heartbreaking stories.

The New York Bully Crew is one of those groups. They’ve made it their specialty to seek out the most dire cases and help dogs who need major rehabilitation.

Since pit bull breeds have such bad reputations, there are far fewer people willing to put up with one who has behavioral issues than, say, a golden retriever or Labrador, which makes this rescue so necessary.

“We work tirelessly every day to rehabilitate and find loving homes for the animals we take under our care,” their website reads. “We rescue dogs from all over the county and frequently work with international partners; no animal in dire need of rescue is turned away.”

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“NYBC strives to educate and make the public aware of the challenges the breed faces in today’s society. We strongly believe that there are no bad dogs, but rather, just bad owners.”

“Dog fighting forces incredibly loving and intelligent dogs to exhibit behaviors that are aggressive and dangerous. As a result, these dogs will be considered a menace to society,” the website reads.

“The horrific ‘sport’ is a major source of cruelty towards Pit Bulls and the individuals that commit such despicable acts must be held accountable. Moreover, abused and neglected dogs that no longer serve a purpose to their owners are often left at kill-shelters that utilize inhumane methods of euthanasia.

“Whether a dog has been involved in fighting, neglected, or surrendered voluntarily by their owner, New York Bully Crew has been here to help since 2010. We have a wonderful facility in East Patchogue that houses approximately 100 dogs at any given time.

“In addition, we have developed an extensive network of loving foster homes that will provide both short and long term care for dogs in need of special attention. New York Bully Crew….Speaking for the ones who can’t.”

One of their missions involved a pit bull who’d been shut in the boiler room of an abandoned house. As the house was being boarded up, three animals were found: a dog, a cat and a turtle.

The cat and turtle were rehomed, but it was the dog that posed the biggest problem. He was terrified and trying to protect his territory — he probably didn’t realize he’d been left behind and his family wasn’t there anymore.

As the New York Bully Crew entered the boiler room, the dog kept barking, backing himself into a corner from which he continued to let them know they were not welcome.

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The boiler room was in horrible condition, the floor covered in urine and feces, and the dog wanted nothing to do with them. He refused treats and attacked the leash when they tried to lasso him.

Eventually, using a board to shield himself, one of the men managed to pull the dog out of the room. The pup didn’t want to leave and dug in his heels. Once they were outside he was a little calmer, but he tried to attack his handler again when they tried to lift him up into a car.

WARNING: The following video contains vulgar language that some viewers may find offensive.

The poor pit bull was obviously fearful, and once they got him cleaned up and settled down, he relaxed and warmed up to people again. He gets along with other dogs and proved that he wasn’t really aggressive, just terrified.

He was named Donatello and was later adopted. The group posted the rescue video to YouTube, where it has been viewed by thousands and picked up by various other outlets.

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