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'Revival Is Coming': Cruz Heads to Milwaukee to Fix Biden's Mess - And You Can Join Him

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When President Joe Biden isn’t wiping out, you can bet he is wreaking some kind of unprecedented havoc on the country.

Inflation, high gas prices, vaccine mandate-related job loss, the Afghanistan fiasco, the border crisis, baby formula shortages — take your pick, Biden has probably laid his destructive hand upon it.

Despite currently holding control of the government, the Biden-led Democrats have continually failed to address these issues. Not everyone is sitting on their hands, however. Texas Senator Ted Cruz is taking action and will soon be headed to Milwaukee in an attempt to rectify Biden’s many disasters.

“America is in crisis but revival is coming,” Senator Ted Cruz told The Western Journal in an exclusive quote. “That’s why this weekend, I will be traveling to Milwaukee to address the Together for Truth Summit where I will share my vision for a better future for our country. Across the country, reckless left-wing policies can destroy communities but if conservatives come together, we will take back our country this November.”

Drastic times call for drastic measures, which is what the “Together for Truth” Summit is, a drastic measure.

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Hosted by the Truth and Courage PAC, the one-day event will take place in Milwaukee on Saturday.

Others speaking at the event include Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson, Former U.S. Attorney General Matt Whitaker, Tim O’Hare, and many others.

The left already fears the coming red wave as Americans grow increasingly fed up with Biden’s incompetence, and Ted Cruz will not have mercy on their fears.

Whether he is giving Democrat Elizabeth Warren math lessons, or grilling pedophile-supporting Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Jackson, he won’t give the liberals an inch.

But Ted Cruz isn’t the only one fighting for heartland Americans.

When the president stops doing his job, it is up to the state powers to pick up the slack on the people’s behalf, which is what many Republicans are doing.

Take, for instance, Biden’s failure to our military.

Many veterans have been discharged from duty because they refused Biden’s authoritarian vaccine mandate.

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Rather than demanding the federal government do something about it, Republican Gov. Ron Desantis revived the Florida State Guard to provide jobs for those very same veterans.

Republican governor of Texas Greg Abbott has also been looking out for American citizens when Biden wouldn’t. In a complete lack of concern for Americans living near the border, Biden has entirely neglected the problem of illegal immigrants flooding across our southern border in record numbers.

But a problem so far away from the White House (unless it’s Ukraine) could not possibly be worth the president worrying about. So, Gov. Abbott brought the problem to Biden, sending a fleet of immigrant-laden buses to Biden’s backyard in D.C. The buses are still coming.

Do you stand with Senator Ted Cruz?

The real power of the country lies with its people. The whole purpose of the Together for Truth Summit in Milwaukee this weekend is to unite Americans. And that always spells trouble for tyrants.

After all, this country declared its independence when only 56 people gathered together with ink, paper and lofty ideas of freedom on their minds.

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Ole Braatelien is a social media coordinator for The Western Journal. He currently attends Arizona State University's Walter Cronkite School of Journalism, where he is pursuing a bachelor's degree in journalism and mass communication.