Robert Mueller and the 'ELC' - Establishment-Led Coup

We ordinarily think of a coup as something carried out by a small number of men who are dissatisfied with the political establishment. So they oust the establishment — including, for example, that country’s president.

And yet President Donald Trump has correctly called the attempt to oust him a coup, except that it was a different kind of coup.

Instead of being carried out by a small number of men, it was executed by dozens of members of the establishment who had the willing participation or passive silence of perhaps hundreds. And many of these people are still trying.

This very large group, including congressmen, senators, the establishment media, many FBI and CIA officers and staff, court personnel and judges, and also private individuals — all targeted just one man, Donald Trump, and what he represented.

So this was not a coup in the traditional sense because it was not an attempt to overthrow the established political order, but rather, it was the establishment itself that tried to illegally stop one man from lessening its power.

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It’s sort of like a corporate home office sending a new man to clean up and downsize one of its subsidiaries, but when the new man gets there all the employees of the subsidiary torpedo and sabotage him.

It’s not that his appointment was improper, for he was legally sent by the home office to clean up a mess. But the people who live in that mess and feed off it don’t want him there, so they break into his office, spy on him, tap his phones and try to pressure others to make up stories about him.

That is a coup because it is an improper attempt to undermine the new top guy’s lawful authority, but it is not a traditional coup because it is not executed by small number of people who want to oust the establishment. It is an ELC, an Establishment Led Coup.

In Trump’s case, the ELC wanted a figurehead, someone who was “respected” but was also weak and pliable. The elderly Bob Mueller fit the bill. Not that the old guy was himself innocent.

Indeed, he wanted to get rid of Trump just as badly as the people who were using him.

After all, the new president didn’t offer him a job and also fired the old guy’s best friend. And to boot, the new president just didn’t “fit in.” He talked plainly and he was a taxpayer. He wasn’t someone feeding off the taxpayers.

So the old guy wanted to get rid of him just as badly as the younger folks who worshiped at the alter of Big Government. But — the president was patient. He let the ELC take its best shots. He derived strength from his family. He knew he had allies and he also made new ones, like Attorney General Barr.

Slowly, over the course of many months, the president’s allies found the ELC’s weaknesses. There were plenty, such as using illegal tactics and leaving a partial electronic paper trail.

And as more and more of these weaknesses were exposed the president’s allies gained confidence. Finally, when the old figurehead was fully exposed as weak, manipulated and corrupt, the president’s allies went into full counterattack mode — but with a white-hot righteous vengeance that their side usually lacks.

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And that is where we stand now, waiting for white-hot indictments of the ELC.

Because the prior AG was such a clown and weakling, these indictments are coming late, but I say better late than never. Late indictments and a late reprieve for the rule of law are better than none at all, much better.

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Mike Weinberger is a retired attorney and businessman who served as president of the Lawyers Chapter of the Federalist Society in New York City in the 1980s. He now lives in Louisiana, where he founded the Home Defense Foundation (hdfnola.org) and co-founded the Committee for a Common Sense Judiciary (commonsensejudiciary.org).