When It Comes to COVID, the Government and Media Need to Stop Lying


Many government agencies have lied to us about COVID. They made believe they knew things they did not know, and they played fast and loose with numbers and definitions.

And they are still doing it, using phrases like “COVID cases,” for example, which implies that someone is suffering from serious COVID symptoms, when in fact the opposite may be true.

The problem is, our government agencies are not the only liars. They have been joined by the mainstream media and by much of the medical establishment. All three of these institutions have their own reasons for misleading us.

For example, they told us people died “from COVID” after their bodies were mangled in car or motorcycle accidents. They told us small businesses had to close while big businesses could stay open. And they told us to wear a mask and not to go to the hairdresser while they go maskless and get new hairdos.

Many intelligent people have noticed this. They understand they have been lied to. They may be a minority (who knows?), but they are numerous and can wield political and communal power. They have refused to drink the Kool-Aid, and for that reason, the establishment now wants to crush them using yet more lies.

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The good news is that I do not think the establishment will be able to crush or silence these people. They tend to be mentally stronger than the sheeple who swallow everything they are told. And many of them live in rural or semirural areas where they have support from neighbors and peers.

That does not mean, however, that the establishment’s dissemination of poisonous misinformation has not done damage. It has. It has done great damage to our economy and our public schools, to give just two examples.

And it has done something much worse: For many, it has completely and utterly wiped out the little bit of trust we still had in our institutions.

Three years ago, if someone from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention told you that something was dangerous, would your default position have been to assume they were guessing or making it up?

Do you think the government has consistently lied about COVID?

I know mine would not have been. I might have been skeptical and I might have wanted to see proof, but I would not have automatically assumed that the government was wrong.

Not anymore. Today, when I hear a government representative tell me something, my default position is to assume that he is wrong.

He could be intentionally lying because he craves more power, which is a rush for many liberals who work for the government, or he may simply be incompetent. Whatever the reason, however, nowadays I assume that “government information” is usually disinformation.

Truth be told, I have always felt that way about many politicians, but I never felt that way when listening to a hospital spokesman.

If the spokesman said the hospital was full of cancer patients, in the past, I would have believed him. But after hearing so many people tell me their relatives were listed as “COVID victims” when they really died from something else, my new position is to distrust the medical establishment.

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And to be fair, it wasn’t just misinformation on COVID that pushed me to this position. Like everyone else, I have noticed the never-ending brainwashing of Americans by drug companies. They tell you to take drugs for everything — absolutely everything — as they make more and more money off this incessant propaganda.

They tell us to take Drug A for nerves, for example, but then to take Drug B to counter Drug A’s side effects, and then to take Drug C to boost the effect of Drug A. Really? How can you see these endless commercials and not believe you are being played?

Nor does my trust in politicians, the media or the medical establishment rise when they tell me that a confused boy is really a girl, or that there is such a thing as a “birthing person” versus an old-fashioned pregnant woman.

These are all terrible lies, but for me, the establishment’s “COVID lies” were the icing on the cake. They closed the deal.

My new assumption, therefore, when I hear an announcement from the government, the mainstream media or the medical establishment, is to assume I’m being played.

This is not good. A society whose main institutions consistently lie is a dying society. We have to force these institutions to stop lying and make them pay a price when they do.

Only then will we be able to escape the death trap they have woven for us and live as a free and strong people.

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