Op-Ed: Nancy Pelosi's Totalitarian Effort To Change the English Language


The English language has been around for a long time. It works pretty well and it communicates clearly. So when someone says, “I love my daughter,” you know what he means.

But like any good leftist, Nancy Pelosi can’t leave well enough alone. She has to change things and make them “better.” She has to make them more “inclusive,” less “racist” or “sexist.”

That urge applies to everything, including the way members of the House of Representatives use the English language. Using normal English is bad, don’t you know. It might be construed as a “micro-aggression.”

But not to worry, because Nancy Pelosi has fixed this.

She has pushed through changes to the official Rules of the House of Representatives to take out words that were deemed insulting or offensive.

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Which words, you ask? How about “father,” “mother,” “son” and “daughter.” They have been officially struck from part of Rule 23 of the House. Also struck were the horrible words “brother,” “sister,” “uncle” and “aunt.”

And for good measure, “husband,” “wife,” “father-in-law” and “mother-in-law” were also struck. (Ed. note: As The Associated Press reported, “The change affected the text of only [the House rules]; it did not ban gender-specific language anywhere else.”)

After all, these were terrible words. Anyone can see they were offensive and insulting. How they got in the rules in the first place is anyone’s guess, but thank heaven they are now gone.

Now the rule refers to a “parent,” “child” or “sibling” instead of a “father,” “mother,” “son” or “daughter.”

Do you think Pelosi's rule changes were totalitarian?

And it uses the words “child,” “sibling” and “parent’s sibling” instead of “brother,” “sister,” “uncle” or “aunt.”

I, for one, am so happy Nancy and the other Democrats have fixed this. Surely it will stop riots in our cities, crime in our streets and fraud at the ballot box.

Seriously, when will this craziness end?

If the official rules of the House of Representatives can’t use the words “mother” or “father,” then perhaps the words used to describe that institution should be the “House of Nut Jobs,” or how about the “House of Screwballs”?

On the other hand, maybe this is a good thing for people who support rational and honest government. For the nuttier the left gets, the more voters will see it and come over to our side.

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So perhaps we should let them eradicate normal speech, at least for a little while.

Let them rail against the Second Amendment and let them tell us math is racist. As they do so, more and more ordinary citizens will wake up to the threat they pose.

Eventually, when enough people wake up, we can throw off the left’s totalitarian yoke. On that day the Liberty Bell will ring once more and you will  finally be able to use the words “mother” and “father.”

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