San Diego County May Have Just Violated a Big Federal Law with Critical Race Theory Class


San Diego County may have violated federal law when it held a three-day online critical race theory class for 400 health care employees suggesting that Republicans are racist and the United States was founded on white supremacy.

According to an alarming exposé Thursday by the Washington Examiner, the California county paid $25,050 to black social worker Reginald Caldwell to conduct a training seminar where he slammed white people as the creators and perpetrators of racism.

It’s unclear how brainwashing health care workers with left-wing propaganda demonizing the entire white race and trashing the United States helps them do their jobs.

One slide in Caldwell’s PowerPoint presentation declared, “Racism is a WHITE PROBLEM. It was constructed and created by white people and the ultimate responsibility lies with white people.”

In another slide, he showed photos that compared a recent Republican rally to a Ku Klux Klan gathering.

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The images were accompanied by text that read: “Racism started when the puritans landed in America” and “… and it CONTINUED AND CONTINUES.”

Attorney Hans von Spakovsky is a senior legal fellow at the Heritage Foundation, a public policy think tank. He told the Examiner that not only was the content of the critical race theory class “racist stereotyping,” but it may have violated the Hatch Act.

The Hatch Act bans federal agencies and municipal entities that get federal funding — such as San Diego County — from engaging in partisan political activities on the job. San Diego County receives hundreds of millions of dollars in federal health care funding every year.

“Apart from the absolutely horrendous racist stereotyping that this training is just completely full of, to the extent that any such training engages in partisan attacks, if they are getting federal funding, this is a violation of the Hatch Act,” von Spakovsky told the Examiner.

He said the flagrant anti-white racism in the CRT class for health care workers was divisive and dangerous.

“This is partisan activity,” von Spakovsky said. “This training is full of racism, and they can’t even get basic facts right.

“I am shocked at this kind of racist stereotype training is being conducted. It is no different than the type of things we were being taught in the 1920s. All they did is reverse the races.”

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Another slide shown to the San Diego County health care workers denounced the “white privilege” supposedly enjoyed by white mothers, claiming they’re never asked who the father of their baby is and they’re never judged by their financial status.

Still another slide declared that “Black Lives Matter” and showed a photo of George Floyd being memorialized as a left-wing martyr at a memorial.

Some other slides stated the following:

  • “Only white people can be racist, no other BIPOC’s (Black, Indian, and people of color) can be racist.”
  • “[America] created a hierarchy with all whites at the top.”
  • “If you are descendant of enslavers, if you are the descendant of colonizers, if you are the descendant of those who have caused massive harm, your assignment, your ancestral task is to heal your ancestral line.”

Shawn Steel, California’s national committeeman to the RNC and a former chairman of the California Republican Party, said San Diego County’s racially divisive “training class” creates a hostile work environment for Republicans and other white people and makes them targets for harassment and bullying.

The message is that “you shouldn’t vote Republican because they are a bunch of racists,” Steel told the Examiner.

He added that the class “opens up the county to a harassment lawsuit” by creating a hostile work environment that sows racial division.

“Any employee could sue the county for racial tensions,” Steel said.

San Diego County spokeswoman Sarah Sweeney told the Examiner the class was privately funded by the Kresge Foundation, which committed last year to spend $30 million “to advance racial justice.”

Sweeney also claimed workers were not required to attend. “This was an optional training for employees, so all who attended elected to take it,” she said.

However, one employee told the Examiner that the critical race theory class was required — and offensive.

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