Pure Guts: Sarah Sanders Speaks After Mail Bombs, Then Places Blame on CNN for Division, Attacks on Conservatives


White House press secretary Sarah Sanders knows how to fight back.

In the aftermath of this week’s spate of suspicious packages that targeted top Democrats in multiple locations, as well as CNN’s New York City headquarters, the media outlet issued a statement attacking President Donald Trump and Sanders, essentially blaming the incidents on the Trump administration.

A statement from CNN’s president, Jeff Zucker, was released to the public on Twitter.

Issued through CNN’s PR department, it criticized a “total and complete lack of understanding at the White House about the seriousness of their continued attacks on the media.”

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But Sanders is not easily intimidated. She took Zucker to task, pointing out that in the aftermath of the devices being discovered, Trump had addressed the matter of everyone, including CNN, being targeted, and Sanders had, as well.

In a Twitter post directed to CNN, she made no bones about who “chose to attack and divide” Americans — and it was CNN, not the Trump White House.

Do you think media outlets like CNN have fostered political division in the United States?

Trump, she wrote, “asked Americans ‘to come together and send one very clear, strong, unmistakable message that acts or threats of political violence of any kind have no place in the USA’ Yet you chose to attack and divide. America should unite against all political violence.”

This is evidenced by timestamps on tweets sent out by Sanders the day before. The news about a suspicious package being delivered to CNN’s office in New York broke about 10 a.m. EDT. Sanders was issuing a response a little more than an hour later:

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In his one of his own tweets Thursday morning, Trump made a point of stressing the role media outlets have played in fostering the country’s current political atmosphere.

The devices, reported to have been sent to former President Barack Obama, former Secretary of State HIllary Clinton, billionaire George Soros, CNN, actor Robert De Niro and former Vice President Joe Biden, were undeniably an unacceptable act done by someone for reasons that are irrelevant. It is never OK to threaten, terrorize or harm others.

Such behavior has been seen one-thousand fold not only acted out by the left, but actually even called for and encouraged by the left. Things such as comedian Kathy Griffin’s decapitated Trump head photo shoot have been applauded rather than decried.

Continually, leftists call those on the right names such as “racist,” “fascist,” “white supremacist,” “Nazi,” “deranged,” “deplorables,” and the “dregs of society.” Americans on the right are continually vilified by media and leftists, whether in government, Hollywood, or some other realm of power and influence.

The tracked count of documented attacks of harassment and violence against people on the right by people on the left has reached over 600, according to Breitbart News.

When conservatives did not like election results of 2008, they organized in 2009 and went to the ballot box in 2010 to resolve it. The left, by contrast, has been throwing what amounts to a two-year-long temper tantrum that has escalated over time.

And why has it escalated rather than die down as would normally happen in American political life? Some point to Democratic leadership and the establishment media for keeping political turmoil fueled with lies, misleading information and flat-out calls to be hateful toward those with whom leftists disagree.

And that appears to be the point Sanders, Trump and others are making. While some on the left cry for “unity” and “civility” they do nothing to condemn the violence and harassment from their own side, blaming Trump and others for the actions their side takes.

In the case of the devices that turned up this week, whoever sent them is responsible. Period.

Right now, who did it, why it was done, etc. are still unknown. But that has not stopped the political blame-game from being pushed, full-force, further fueling a hate-filled political climate.

And like Trump, while there is pressure for the right to be timid and roll over to the left’s hypocritical calls for “civility, Sanders has not backed down or played timid.

She has called out the baloney and held to account those who are fueling the incivility overtaking America.

And she has the guts to fight back.

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