While School Remains Closed for Americans, San Diego Teachers Provide In-Person Instruction to Migrant Kids


Teachers in San Diego will instruct illegal immigrant children in-person despite the fact that their own students are being denied in-class learning amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The San Diego Convention Center has been repurposed as an overflow facility for unaccompanied migrant children flooding the border in response to the Biden administration’s open-borders rhetoric.

The operation will be overseen by the Department of Health and Human Services, which expects to accommodate 1,450 girls ages 13 to 17, The San Diego Union-Tribune reported Saturday.

The outlet reported that the first busloads of migrants started arriving at the center late Saturday after the girls were flown in from Arizona and Texas.

“Our main goal tonight is to get these girls into beds, get them showered, get them new clothes and make sure that they’re OK,” HHS Administrator Pete Weldy said.

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On Saturday, Weldy, city and county officials and the area’s Democratic congressional delegation visited the convention center, which will host the migrant minors through July 15.

The city and county are pulling out all the stops: The girls will receive phones, showers and three meals a day plus snacks, according to The Union-Tribune. “Ping-pong tables and soccer balls, among other recreational items, will also be available,” the report said.

The perks will cost the city’s taxpayers, who eventually will be reimbursed by the federal government through more of their tax dollars.

One other group is also lending its help: teachers.

Do you think in-person instruction should be provided to migrants before American children?

“Schooling will be provided by the San Diego County Office of Education,” The Union-Tribune reported.

KGTV-TV said the teachers participating in the program are doing so voluntarily.

That might seem like a kind gesture, but when put into the proper context, it tells you all you need to know about education in this country, and particularly in California. San Diego’s schoolkids are still stuck at home using isolating and ineffective distance learning programs.

According to The Union-Tribune, San Diego’s American students won’t smell the inside of a classroom until the middle of April, and even then it will be part-time — maybe.

“Nearly a year after San Diego Unified closed its schools due to the pandemic, the state’s second-largest district plans to reopen schools for all grade levels the week of April 12 — but that target date is contingent on the county getting out of the most-restrictive purple tier and on school staff getting access to both COVID vaccine doses, the district announced Tuesday,” the outlet reported last month.

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“Getting our kids back in the classroom is one of our highest priorities and I want to commend San Diego Unified and the San Diego Education Association for reaching this agreement,” Nathan Fletcher, chairman of the county’s Board of Supervisors, told The Union-Tribune.

“At the County, we will do everything possible to get our school staff vaccinated so our classrooms can be open to in-person learning,” Fletcher said.

While American students continue to languish at home as self-serving unions battle efforts to reopen schools, teachers have no reluctance to spring into action to help migrants.

These children wouldn’t be in this country if the Biden administration had not opened the border during a pandemic — which remains the pretext for denying our country’s own children an in-person education.

The absurdity of it all isn’t lost on Jim Desmond, who serves on the San Diego County Board of Supervisors.

Teachers all across the country have used the power of their unions to hold out and no-show for work. Evidently, all it took to get these people to spring into action was the arrival of illegal immigrants.

Children in California are experiencing a mental health nightmare amid the coronavirus shutdowns.

KGO-TV reported in November that teen suicides are on the rise, as are cases of anxiety and depression. There are also concerns that many kids who would normally be at school are being abused at home.

While these children are struggling, San Diego’s teachers are headed to the city’s convention center to teach foreign kids.

The callous disregard for American children is just another example of how drastically public policy has shifted in recent months. The Biden administration has not signaled it has any intention to prioritize the needs and safety of the American people since taking power on Jan. 20.

In Southern California, the policy is now American kids last. Teachers in San Diego apparently don’t feel vulnerable to contracting the coronavirus when surrounded by unvetted foreign minors. Asking them to tend to their own classrooms, though, is a bridge too far.

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