Watch: Ted Cruz Physically Blocked by Biden Staffer from Filming Overcrowded Migrant Facility


President Joe Biden’s border crisis: The problem that’s plaguing the new administration is, conveniently, the problem we’re not allowed to see.

Even as the issue worsens, the president refrains from visiting the nation’s southern border because he doesn’t want to “get in the way,” he said Thursday during his first official White House news conference.

Other U.S. officials, however, have visited migrant facilities along the border, including Sen. Ted Cruz, who, alongside fellow Texas Republican Sen. John Cornyn, led a Senate delegation tour that met with some resistance Sunday.

Cruz visited a crowded Customs and Border Protection facility in Donna, Texas, and shared a video of what he said was a Biden administration staffer blocking his attempts to capture the extent of the surging crisis on film.

“Please give dignity to the people,” the staffer said while obstructing Cruz’s camera.

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“I respect them and I want to fix this situation,” Cruz responded.

“How far is Joe Biden going to stop the American people from seeing inside the Donna CBP facility?” the senator said in a tweet accompanying the video.

“Biden sent a political operative from DC to block our cameras and even threatened another senator to obstruct legitimate congressional oversight.”

According to Houston’s KTRK-TV, Cruz sought to expose the harsh conditions migrants are facing during this ongoing crisis, including that “several mothers and children are cramped into small outdoor areas with dirt floors during a pandemic.”

But the staffer tried to stand in his way, saying, “This is not a zoo, sir. Please don’t treat the people as such.”

Ironically, the woman claiming to be protecting the migrants was masking the terrible conditions at the facilities into which they’re crowded.

It seems as if the Biden administration believes that recording these harsh conditions is more inhumane than the conditions themselves.

Or could exposing some aspect of this inhumanity simply raise awareness of an issue that the Biden administration would prefer to remain unnoticed?

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“I will commit to transparency,” the president said when asked about the migrant crisis during last week’s news conference.

Still, it appears that Biden does not want the American people to know the truth.

The administration isn’t just blocking reporters and senators from recording what’s going on at the migrant facilities. The Washington Examiner reported March 17 that border officials have been forbidden from talking with the media about the crisis.

“Biden Homeland Security officials have muzzled spokespersons and top officials at the Customs and Border Protection agency from speaking with the media about the situation on the border, according to two CBP officials,” the report said.

“Officials have been placed under a sort of ‘gag order,’ and they said they were told verbally not to communicate with media beyond statements approved from the top, the officials said.”

It sure seems as though the Biden administration is trying to hide something.

Because of the president’s lax immigration policies, his promises of amnesty, his administration’s practice of putting children into migrant detention shelters at 100 percent capacity during a global pandemic, this crisis is growing by the day and could spread well beyond our southern border.

Is the Biden administration trying to hide what's going on at the border?

How can the same administration that flaunts its supposed COVID-19 awareness simultaneously implement open-border policies and place migrants in confined spaces where the virus could spread?

More to the point, why does the Biden administration vehemently attempt to conceal this crisis from the American people?

“What is occurring here on the border is heartbreaking and it is a tragedy,” Cruz said during a news conference Friday.

“As we stand here by the banks of the Rio Grande, we have an army of TV cameras here. It is striking that not a single one of these cameras is allowed in the Donna facility.”

As the senator and others raise awareness of the injustice plaguing our southern border, we can only wonder when or if Biden will fulfill his promise of “transparency.”

The Western Journal reached out to the Biden administration’s Department of Homeland Security and to the White House for comment but did not immediately receive a response.

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