Self-Obsessed Gillibrand 'Still Angry' Uncles Dared Vote for Trump When They 'Knew How Much I Loved Hillary'


If New York senator and 2020 Democratic White House hopeful Kirsten Gillibrand really wants to be president, she might want to think twice before slamming people who dared to vote for a candidate she doesn’t like.

Though at this point, I doubt even that would help jump-start her failing candidacy.

During a Monday discussion with Washington Post reporter Robert Costa, Gillibrand said she was “different” from most of the other Democratic candidates because she has a “sensibility and an understanding about how people in these rural, red places who are Republicans see the world.”

What she said next essentially proved that her previous statement had no basis in reality.

“I hate to admit this fact, but I have uncles who voted for Trump,” she said with a dramatic sigh, garnering strained laughter form the audience.

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As The Washington Free Beacon pointed out, Gillibrand was a moderate in 2006, when she won a seat in Congress representing an upstate New York district.

While she’s grown considerably more liberal since then, Gillibrand still claims to be a candidate who can draw support from Republicans and Democrats alike.

At the same time, she claims to be “still angry” that her uncles voted for Trump.

Do you think Kirsten Gillibrand is full of herself?

“I have not spoken to them about it, so I cannot tell you why. I’m still angry,” Gillibrand said, smiling.

“And I didn’t find out from him, by the way. I found out from my cousin, because she was at an event with me. She was like, ‘Well, you know, I’m talking to my dad about it,’ and I was like, ‘What?’ And she tells me this, and I said, ‘That can’t be true.’ They knew how much I loved Hillary. That can’t be true.”

It’s a curious sentiment from the New York senator, to be sure.

Or at least, it’s curious that she voiced it aloud.

It’s no secret that Democratic politicians largely despise President Donald Trump, and they don’t think very highly of his supporters either.

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But they often try to mask this sentiment with flowery speeches about bipartisanship and bringing the country together.

Gillibrand is just being blunt.

While she seemed to be speaking somewhat humorously, she also appeared to legitimately hold it against her uncles that they voted for Trump.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never once gotten angry over a political decision made by a family member.

I may have thought they were acting stupidly, but I’ve never gotten angry, and I’ve never held it against them.

To the left, though, it’s all personal. And Gillibrand’s comments are a prime example of that.

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