Senior Democrat Stammers, Struggles To Explain Party's Opposition to Border Wall


If members of Congress refuse to pass certain legislation, it should be for a good reason.

They are elected and paid by the American public to serve our best interests, not play partisan politics.

So when it comes to a national security issue, something that falls very directly under their purview via the Constitution of the Untied States, there should be no problem with them taking steps to keep America safe.

You’d think.

But the Democrats in recent years have fought against building a border wall and against funding for said wall. Oddly, they used to speak on the importance of having secure borders.

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Even more puzzling is that when Kentucky’s Democratic Rep. John Yarmuth, chairman of the House Budget Committee, was asked about the current Democratic opposition to it, he couldn’t seem to come up with an answer.

And even more puzzling than that is that he admitted to Buck Sexton and Krystal Ball on The Hill’s “Rising” on Friday that a wall would work.

Do you believe the Democrats need to approve full funding for the wall?

“It’s not (a lot of money.) At one point, Democrats were willing to give $25 billion for border security … ” He then tried to claim that the real Democrat opposition was that because walls don’t work, but when Sexton pointed out that was false, Yarmuth said, “It’s exactly right.”

So even he admits that we know that in places where there is a wall along the southern border it works. Illegal entry has significantly declined in those areas.

In 2017,  an commentary piece in USA Today by then-acting director of Homeland Security Elaine Duke noted that because of the barriers in place in that area, apprehensions of illegals dropped to 1/10th of what they had previously been.

This was due to the fact that easier routes were sought by traffickers and others. Building and enhancing a strong border barrier or wall is a powerful and effective security measure.

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In addition, the Yuma sector saw a reduction in crime. So a strong border barrier not only helps deter and minimize illegal entry, but towns on the other side of the wall benefit from less crime harming their citizenry.

Duke wrote that the barrier in Yuma began as part of the bipartisan Secure Fence Act of 2006. The act was supported by then-Sens. Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and Barack Obama.

All of this brings us right back to the question as to why the Democrats are opposing the funding and building of a wall. Yarmuth himself admitted walls work and that Democrats previously had no problem with providing a much larger amount for funding it.

Effectiveness is clearly not the reason they are opposed. The cost is also clearly not the reason they are opposed, either.

President Donald Trump and others have speculated on a possible reason, other than obstructionism, as to why the Democrats are opposed to the wall and are continuing the government shutdown over the wall issue. That possible reason, if true, would not look good for the Democrats.

Standing in the way of national security in order to help one’s own party win an election is not only “immoral,” but it is a dereliction of the duty each member of Congress took an oath to fulfill. The duty to the citizens of the United States must come before party and before giving aid to citizens of other countries.

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