Sheila Jackson Lee Chuckles as Witness Makes Fun of Barron Trump


Maybe Democrats are auditioning for “Saturday Night Live.”

Most Americans probably already realize that the Democrats’ impeachment effort unfolding on Capitol Hill is a farce.

But it took a witness called by the Democrats on Wednesday to prove just how malicious that farce really is:

Malicious enough to drag a 13-year-old into the proceedings for the sole purpose of making fun of the boy’s name.

And malicious enough to have one of the most liberal members of Congress chuckle openly at the remark.

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The moment came Wednesday when Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, the Texas Democrat known for her radical left-wing politics, asked Stanford law professor Pamela Karlan to expound on the difference “between kings, that the founders were afraid of, and the president’s conduct today.”

Check it out here:

Karlan’s response was simply juvenile.

Does this show how empty the whole impeachment effort really is?

“I’ll just give you one example that shows you the difference between him and a king, which is, the Constitution says there can be no titles of nobility.

“So while the president can name his son Barron, he can’t make him a baron.”

The jibe drew audible laughter from the audience and an obvious chuckle from Jackson Lee.

But Trump supporters — along with decent Americans everywhere — were definitely not laughing.

Trump’s re-election team came out swinging with a Twitter statement decrying the remark.

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“Only in the minds of crazed liberals is it funny to drag a 13-year-old child into the impeachment nonsense,” the statement by press secretary Kayleigh McEnany began. “Pamela Karlan thought she was being clever and going for laughs, but she instead reinforced for all Americans that Democrats have no boundaries when it comes to their hatred for President Trump.”

McEnany noted that some in the mainstream media have tried to protect Hunter Biden, the 49-year-old son of former Vice President Joe Biden, but the same courtesy is not extended to the adolescent offspring of the president.

“Hunter Biden is supposedly off limits according to liberals, but a 13-year-old boy is fair game,” she wrote. “Disgusting.”

Liberals tried to counter on social media that Trump and conservatives had made sarcastic or disparaging remarks about 16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg, but there really is no comparison. Thunberg has gone to extraordinary lengths to put herself in the public eye (literally, across the Atlantic Ocean.)

Barron Trump is simply living with the name his parents gave him.

If that’s the kind of argument Democrats are marshaling to impeach the president of the United States and overturn the results of the 2016 election, it’s a good bet they really did lose.

Most Americans understand that attacking children for political gain is wrong.

Most Americans know an impeachment process is not an episode of “Saturday Night Live” where cheap shots against the president in search of cheap laughs are the coin of the realm.

And most Americans, thank the Lord, are brighter than Sheila Jackson Lee.

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Joe has spent more than 30 years as a reporter, copy editor and metro desk editor in newsrooms in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Florida. He's been with Liftable Media since 2015.
Joe has spent more than 30 years as a reporter, copy editor and metro editor in newsrooms in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Florida. He's been with Liftable Media since 2015. Largely a product of Catholic schools, who discovered Ayn Rand in college, Joe is a lifelong newspaperman who learned enough about the trade to be skeptical of every word ever written. He was also lucky enough to have a job that didn't need a printing press to do it.