Sheriff Adds Brand New Addition to County Jail to Let Criminals Know He Means Business


Unlike the bleeding-heart liberals who believe in treating criminals like house guests, Flagler County, Florida, Sheriff Rick Staly fully understands that no criminal deserves a break, particularly those who earn a trip to the “Green Roof Inn.”

Also known as the Flagler County Jail, as of last Thursday this low-rated “inn” now features a welcoming neon sign that reads “Green Roof Inn” and includes a blinking “VACANCY” light to remind local criminals in this county that there’s always room for them when they deserve it.

In a hilarious video shared with the The Daytona Beach News-Journal last week, Staly described the “inn,” outlined its “accommodations” and explained why he chose to put up this flashy sign.

Included among the “accommodations” are “no privacy,” “group bathrooms & showers,” “no meal selection,” “free transportation to court & state prison,” “designer jewelry — handcuffs & leg irons,” “free designer clothes — color coordinated” and “jumpsuit & shoes.”

Now that’s what I’m talking about! And don’t even get me going about the “inn’s” great rating.

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“We have a one-star rating and we’re working to lower that as I’m speaking,” the sheriff facetiously said in his video.


Listen to him below:

Would you reelect the sheriff if you lived in Flagler County?

While Staly is clearly a very funny and quirky guy, he’s also serious about crime prevention.

“The purpose of the signs is crime prevention,” he told the News-Journal. “It is a warning to potential offenders that the jail is not a 5-star hotel. When you get arrested, we provide the minimum accommodations as required by law. Once an offender ‘checks-in’ they lose their basic freedoms. They don’t decide what to eat, wear, or do with their day.

“Hopefully, when people see the signs and the list of accommodations offered, they will think twice about committing a crime in Flagler County,” he added.

Though I wholeheartedly agree, some liberals like Colin Wolf of Orlando Weekly see a problem with this. According to Wolf, it would behoove Staly and other sheriffs like him to focus “on rehabilitating prisoners instead of storing them in the worst conditions possible.”

“Norway’s Halden Prison, for example, has no bars on the windows, a fully functioning kitchen (with knives), offers vocational programs like woodworking, assembly workshops, and it even has a recording studio,” he wrote, adding that the socialist nation has a significantly better recidivism rate than the United States.

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While that might be true, I got a feeling Americans are less keen about their money being used to provide murderers, rapists and child molesters with the “high life.”

Granted, Wolf does correctly note that “not everyone who goes to a county jail is convicted of a crime – some are awaiting trial, some may be found innocent, or they’re there on a misdemeanor charge, or they couldn’t post bail.”

That’s a fair point, but still, it’s a jail, not a spa, and though a select few innocent people may wind up behind bars, I fervently believe the old adage — don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time — still applies for the most part.

And I got a hunch that the residents of Flagler County agree. I mean, why else would they have voted Staly into office?

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