Lawmaker Worries Government Shutdown Could Threaten Super Bowl


A U.S. senator from Georgia is concerned that the partial federal government shutdown could affect Super Bowl LIII, which will be held at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta on Feb. 3.

Republican Johnny Isakson took to the Senate floor on Tuesday with a scathing rebuke of his colleagues for “not doing a damned thing while the American people are suffering,” The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

While Isakson is concerned for the federal workers who aren’t getting paid, the senator is also feeling the heat of one of the largest sporting events in the world coming to his home state.

“We’ve got a Super Bowl coming to Atlanta, Georgia, in about three weeks. The biggest tourism event in the world this year. What if the largest airport in the world, that’s going to bring people to the largest football game in the world, goes out of business because the (Transportation Security Administration) strikes?” Isakson asked, according to the AJC.

“Then you’ve just cost millions of dollars to the United States of America, my home city of Atlanta and others.”

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An Op-Ed Monday in The New York Times argued that it’s time for TSA workers to “take a stand” against the government shutdown and go on strike. However, such a move by the federal workers would be illegal.

CNBC reported on an entirely separate problem that could affect the event’s revenue, connected with advertisements during the game.

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Product launches could be put on hold due to the fact that the Federal Communications Commission website is offline.

The FCC’s lack of operation means that devices such as smartphones, tablets and Wi-Fi routers aren’t getting approved.

Marc Martin, a partner at Perkins Coie LLP, told Law360: “Because the FCC isn’t around to do that last step, the issuance of new equipment will be delayed.”

“Let’s say you have a first-quarter launch plan and you wanted to advertise,” Martin said. “You wouldn’t be able to run an ad during the Super Bowl.”

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FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel pointed to the issue in a Jan. 8 tweet.

“Go ahead, take a look at the back of the nearest electronic device,” Rosenworcel said. “You’ll see an @fcc number.

“The agency certifies every innovative mobile phone, television, and computer that emits radio frequency before they can head to market. Guess what is not happening during the shutdown?”

Government Executive magazine reported that eight GOP senators have signed onto a measure that would avert government shutdowns in the future.

The bill makes way for a continuing resolution should Congress fail to meet funding deadlines. The continuing resolution would maintain the current spending levels.

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