SNL Actress Loses It, Promises To Bring Death to Republican Party


New Year’s resolutions are usually about something positive and hopeful, but not everyone takes such an approach.

During CNN’s New Year’s Eve coverage Monday night, former Saturday Night Live actress Jane Curtin shared her vow of action for 2019 with whatever national audience watching.

Although some celebrities, such as country singer Reba McEntire and former KISS guitarist Ace Frehley opt to be entertainers and stay out of politics, Curtin did what many of her peers do and dove right into being political with a hate-filled comment.

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“My New Year’s resolution is to make sure that the Republican Party dies,” she said.

The Daily Wire noted that the 71-year-old offered no explanation for how she’d accomplish her promise — much like a politician, some would say.

Instead, she just spat out a talking point. It read like a pathetic plea for attention to some viewers.

Perhaps she was trying to be funny, but if she was, the “joke” was missed.

Do you think Democrats are hypocritical about their desire for democracy?

With so much divisiveness and violence against the right already, it was an inappropriate thing to say. To anyone who values freedom of political belief, calling for the end of one of the two major political parties was a radical leftist move.

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The left talks a lot about having democracy in the United States. A political system of only one main party hardly seems democratic.

The Daily Wire wrote that this was not the first time Curtin jumped into the political fray. In 2017 she was one of 36 SNL-affiliated women who signed a letter countering sexual harassment claims made against then-Senator and former SNL actor, Al Franken.

A photo of Franken acting inappropriately was publicly released. He later apologized to the woman in question and ultimately resigned from Congress.

With the entire country seeing positive changes under President Donald Trump and hungry for an end to the hate, Curtin’s resolution was glaringly out of touch. In addition, it displays a very sad frame of mind to have when planning the start of a brand new year filled with opportunities to do good in the world.

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