Someone Is Stuffing Bread with Rat Poison & Leaving It at Dog Parks


Dog owners know that a dog loves nothing more than a run outside. If you live in a city, however, it can be hard to find a good stretch of land for your dog to run and play.

That’s where dog parks come in. For those who do not have a yard of their own, a dog park provides a great space for dogs to get their much-needed exercise.

Sadly, even dog parks now pose a health risk to dogs, as they are being targeted by those who wish to cause mayhem.

Multiple reports are emerging of bread stuffed with rat poison being left at dog parks in the UK.

Curious dogs who come upon the yummy-smelling bread may inadvertently eat some of the deadly poison. People who frequent dog parks are being advised to remain vigilant.

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The effects of ingesting bromethalin rodenticide, the active ingredient in rat poison, are severe and often fatal.

According to PetMD, signs of poisoning may not appear immediately after ingestion.

PetMD lists the symptoms as “loss of appetite (anorexia), impaired movement, paralysis of the animal’s hind limbs, slight muscle tremors, generalized seizures, and a depression of the central nervous system.” These symptoms could be fatal if left untreated.

If you suspect your pet has ingested rat poison, see a veterinarian immediately.

According to Pet Poison Helpline, “In-hospital care for a few days may be necessary because this poison has long-lasting effects.”

Fortunately, while bromethalin rodenticide is a dangerous and often deadly poison, treatment options do exist. Even so, it could take several weeks for a dog to recover from even a mild case.

Pet owners are advised to familiarize themselves with the appearance of this poison.

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It generally comes in small green pellets that are distinctive in nature, although other varieties do exist.

When walking your dog, keep an eye out for any discarded food in the area. Even if it is not poisoned, food containing things such as onions, garlic, grapes, or chocolate can pose a threat to a hungry pup.

Ultimately, a little extra vigilance is all that is necessary to keep your pets safe and sound.

As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

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