Husband Gives Her 'Cheap' Valentine's Day Gift. Turns Out It Was Worth $100K


For some couples, Valentine’s Day is a chance to lavish your beloved with expensive gifts.

Jewelry, fancy dinners, bouquets of roses — all of these are commonly given on Valentine’s Day.

Of course, all presents, regardless of how lavish, are simply a way to profess one’s love. We should always remember it is the thought that counts.

One wife, however, got a not-so-lavish present that she initially laughed off. Well, she’s not laughing now!

The Valentine’s present that Don Holmes gave his wife was neither lavish nor romantic. Nevertheless, it became a life-changer for them both.

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It all began when he bought his wife, Cynthia, a scratch-off lottery ticket. At only $10, the ticket did not seem to be Cynthia’s ideal Valentine’s gift.

As a result, she scoffed at the present. Then, she scratched off the ticket and found what was hiding underneath.

Turns out, that $10 present was actually worth $100,000! She still couldn’t quite believe her good fortune, however.

That’s when she visited the lottery headquarters. There, they scanned her ticket to see if it was a legitimate winner.

“[The machine] went, ‘Woo hoo!’ And I’m like — my hands started shaking and like butterflies in my stomach,” she told Inside Edition.

Inside Edition reports that “Holmes claimed the second of eight top prizes of $100,000 available in the Iowa Lottery’s new ‘Casino Riches’ scratch game.”

The prize, she explains, will change her life.

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Now, she says she can pay off her car and her house. The two remain in disbelief that this “cheap” Valentine’s Day gift turned out to be so much more.

Of course, as with any present, it is the love behind it that is more important than the present itself.

It doesn’t hurt, however, when the present has some unexpected results!

Congratulations to the couple, who plan to spend their winnings wisely. What do you think of this “cheap” Valentine’s Day present?

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