Son Loses Mom to Cardiac Arrest, Finds Handwritten Note and Last Heartbeat


It’s difficult to lose a parent, especially when it comes too soon. For young adults, the loss can be devastating. They are left with only memories and thoughts of what could have been.

For one young man, the memory of his mother was kept in a very unexpected way. When others discovered his tribute, they were in tears.

Thomas Resch, 21, from Marysville, Washington, took a break from body building. His mother had been ill, suffering from the results of cardiac arrest.

Resch’s mother, Deborah, had been in the hospital for rehabilitation. After losing blood flow to her brain for several minutes, she had lost the ability to write, something that she had always prided herself on.

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After a few months, she began to write again but was never able to get her handwriting back completely. And then, a few months later, tragedy struck when Deborah suffered another cardiac arrest.

This time, she didn’t make it.

Resch was devastated. He had considered his mother his best friend, Fitbit buddies, who tried to stay healthy together.

On the day that Deborah died, Resch was packing to move out. As he packed up, he found something that would move him to the core.

A note was left for him by his mother, a note made even more endearing because it was handwritten. “I’m going to miss you a lot! I love you, mom,” it said.

He began to think about his mother’s last moments and then remembered that she had been wearing her Fitbit to track her heartbeat. Resch decided to do something incredibly special.

He had the recorded heartbeat of his mother’s last moments sent to his phone. He then took the note and the picture of the heartbeat to an unusual place: a tattoo artist.

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Resch got a tattoo of both the note and heartbeat on his chest. Now he could always have a close reminder of the special relationship that he had with his mother.

“It’s that personal message I can keep close to my heart, as well as her last heartbeats,” said Resch. He decided to share his story on social media. The response was amazing.

Responses to his post of the new tattoo came pouring in. So many were touched by his unconditional love for his mother.

Resch hoped that others would learn to treasure their own relationships with their parents.

Resch decided that he will continue to pursue his body building dream. It’s something he knew that his mother would want.

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