Cop Shows Up in Uniform to Daughter's Ballet Practice. Caught on Video Joining in


Our dads do all sorts of amazing things for us. They are our biggest fans, whether things go right or wrong. They are always by our side.

But a dad’s job isn’t easy. Trying to combine busy schedules with work and family can be a challenge.

But it takes just moments to show your children how much you care.

One dad from Castle Rock, Colorado, wanted to make sure that his daughter knew just how dedicated he was to her.

Tessa Brown loved going to her ballet class, but on one particular night, she was worried.

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It was “Bring Dads to Dance” night, and she wasn’t sure that her dad would have time to come.

Tessa’s dad, Cody Brown, is a police offer, and was on duty that night.

A potential work emergency could have meant that he would be unavailable for the entire night.

But a dad’s love runs deep, and in an amazing and joyful moment, Tessa’s wish came true.

Though Officer Brown was late, he was able to show up to dance, just as it was Tessa’s turn to perform.

With no time to change, Officer Brown came to the ballet barre’ alongside his daughter still wearing his full uniform.

They performed the pliés and turns together with grace. In the background, Tessa’s mother began recording the event.

Tessa can be seen giving her dad a little instruction as he began to position himself. Then she clapped excitedly when he got it right.

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Of course, with Officer Brown still in uniform, the sight of him following the teacher’s ballet instructions at the barre is comical.

But above all, this video really showed the love and dedication that one dad had for his daughter.

Creating memories that will last forever, a dad took the time away from a busy job to let his daughter know that she was important. What a great lesson to all parents.

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