Police Rescue Curious Cat from Woman's Garbage Disposal


Our pets can find themselves in all sorts of compromising positions.

A dog may get lost trying to chase after a squirrel, or there is always the proverbial problem of a cat stuck in a tree.

Usually, all it takes is a tall ladder or a drive through the neighborhood to bring our furry family members back home to safety.

But for one family, it took a crew of very helpful police officers to save their four-legged friend.

Lynn Allendorf Naimoli was at home with her son when she found a member of her family in a compromising and potentially dangerous situation.

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It wasn’t her own life that was in danger, but that of her ginger cat, Sam.

Sam was a curious cat, always attracted to drains, wondering where they led to. Most of the drains in the house were much too small for a cat to navigate into.

But somehow, Sam found a way, and unfortunately, the drain that he chose to explore had dangerous mechanical parts.


The cat “got just a lil’ TOO curious,” and poked his head into the garbage disposal. It was unclear how he had managed it, because even though he was a kitten, he was too large for the drain that he chose.

Thankfully, Naimoli discovered his hiding place before it was too late.

After wedging himself in, Sam realized that he couldn’t find his way back out. Naimoli called the police for help.

The Tredyffrin Township Police Department came to the rescue, sending officers over to the house to asses the situation. And when Sargent Brian Hughes saw the poor cat trapped in the sink, he sprang into action.

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Along with the help of Naimoli’s son, they began to dismantle the disposal. After close to an hour and tons of coconut oil, the two were able to free the cat.

“Officer Hughes was fabulous. He and my son worked carefully and calmly to release Sam. He is fine now, but has been trying to find the ‘monster’ who pulled him in!” said Naimoli.

“He has always been drawn to drains and likes to see where the water goes,” she continued. “The disposal was empty, but it may have had a lingering scent.”

The police department shared a photo of the rescue on Facebook. In an amazing image, poor Sam’s head is poking through the bottom of the disposal, covered in oil.

Many comments were made on Facebook about how the officers went beyond the call of duty.  This time, at least, curiosity did not kill the cat. But Sam had better be careful in the future.

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