Stranger Tells Woman in Car to Follow Him. Drops Over $500 Buying Her New Tires


Stranger danger is a real lesson that we teach our children. So what would you do if someone you didn’t know approached you and asked you to follow him down the street? Most people would immediately respond with “no way!”

But one Australian woman received the surprise of a lifetime when one stranger approached her. And she soon discovered that the world still had some kindness left to give.

Tegan Langley was just sitting in a McDonalds parking lot when a stranger approached her car.

At first, she was wary, but soon they began chatting about her car.

Langley knew her car needed work and that her tires were in terrible shape. “I explained I needed new ones,” Langley said. “But at the moment I couldn’t afford it.”

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That’s when the man introduced himself as Tony, a father of two. He also said he wasn’t comfortable letting her drive off in the car with the tires in such poor condition.

Then Tony did something that might cause fear and concern in many of us — he asked Langley to follow him in her car.

But Langely decided to follow him and he led her down the street. They soon pulled up at Bridgestone Tires.

Tony surprised Langley by purchasing three new tires for her car and getting her a wheel alignment.

After hearing her story, he just wanted to help. He told her that he would not be able to live with himself if something bad happened because of the tires.

Langley couldn’t believe it, especially after she saw the bill of over $500, paid in full! “There were a lot tears on my behalf,” she said.

Tony asked for one thing in return. He asked that some day, she return this act of kindness for someone else. That was a deal too good to pass up.

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In complete awe, Langley posted the amazing story on Facebook. She hoped to find this man and to let the world know that kindness still exists.

Her post quickly went viral with over 30,000 shares, but Tony was never found. He wanted to remain anonymous and not take credit for his true generosity.

A complete stranger had come into Langley’s life and given her a gift that could have possibly saved her from an accident.

Stories like these can easily renew our faith in the kindness of people and may even inspire us to go out and do the same.

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