South Carolina Becoming Next State to Stand Up for Unborn Life


The Palmetto State could now be the latest to pass legislation to restrict abortions.

South Carolina may enact a ban on abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected, usually six to eight weeks into a pregnancy, The Washington Free Beacon reported.

Exceptions in the legislation are made in the case of rape, incest, and mother’s health.

The state Senate overwhelmingly passed the bill, and it is expected to be passed in the Republican-majority state House of Representatives in the coming weeks.

Republican Gov. Henry McMaster has been a vocal supporter of the bill, calling the protection of unborn life “critical.”

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“The right to life is the most precious of rights and the most fragile. It is time for South Carolina to stand for life and pass this critical legislation,” he wrote in a Twitter post last month.

“As the Heartbeat Bill goes to the Senate floor today, I urge my colleagues in the General Assembly to send this bill to my desk for my signature!”

Planned Parenthood, the largest provider of abortions in the United States, has been urging its supporters to take action against the bill before it hits the governor’s desk.

“The S.C. Senate has made banning abortion their top priority in the face of the urgent health and economic crisis impacting families across the state.

Should more states pass heartbeat bills?

“As people continue to get sick and die from COVID-19 and more and more families are struggling to make ends meet, state leaders are ramming through legislation that poses a serious threat to people’s health, freedom, and bodily autonomy in South Carolina. This is absolutely shameful,” Planned Parenthood’s South Atlantic Director of Public Affairs Vicki Ringer said in a statement.

“A person’s decision about their own health care should be made between them and their doctor — without government interference. South Carolina needs real leadership now more than ever, not politicians pushing their own agendas,” she continued.

A Planned Parenthood Twitter post even called the bill “dangerous.”

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Several states, including Alabama, Kentucky and Louisiana have passed heartbeat bills, but ran into resistance in courts, the Free Beacon reported.

Republicans have long touted pro-life legislation in campaigns, but action is rarely taken due to the harsh controversy that comes with it.

McMaster and South Carolina state legislators would be able to tout this as an accomplishment to Republican voters, while being prepared to fight the inevitable court challenges that are going to come with it.

While many politicians express their pro-life views, South Carolina is actually following through with it.

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