Stepdad Beats Mom & Holds Knife to Throat. 12-Year-Old Daughter Stabs Him from Behind


What would you do if one person you knew turned on someone else you knew? Would you step in and help whoever was being attacked, or would you step out and let things take their course?

One 12-year-old knew exactly what to do, and she acted even though it cost her. Macarena knew she needed to act fast when she saw her stepdad threatening her mom’s life.

This wasn’t the first time it had happened — she’d been in this position before. But this time, she was going to do something about it.

Her stepdad, Victor Gonzalez, had been arguing with his wife Jorgelina Verdun so loudly that their neighbors overheard them.

But the verbal attack quickly turned to extreme physical violence and Gonzalez began beating Verdun. But it didn’t stop there.

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Macarena knew her mom’s life was on the line when Gonzalez pulled out a knife and held it to her mother’s throat.

Without wasting a second, Macarena grabbed a steak knife and stabbed it into her stepdad’s back.

But even though the knife was sticking straight out of his back, the injury wasn’t enough to stop him from beating Verdun.

Macarena quickly grabbed a second knife and stabbed him again. This time, it was enough.

After that, the brave 12-year-old quickly made her escape. She fell climbing over a nearby fence but managed to flee the scene.

Police arrived at the house to find Gonzalez bleeding profusely with the knives still stuck in his back.

Thus far, it is uncertain if he was charged, but he was taken to the hospital and was reported to be in stable condition.

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Verdun suffered a few scratches on her neck from the knife Gonzalez held against her.

Macarena was also taken to the hospital, where doctors said she had a fractured tibia and fibula from jumping the fence.

However, doctors did not immediately operate on her leg because they “believed she may not require surgery.”

Even as the investigation continues, Macarena’s mother has posted a public message, apologizing to her daughter.

“You saved my life,” she wrote. “I apologize for what I made you live through, you are my guardian angel, I am ashamed of looking at you for what I made you endure.”

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