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Study: Children Are Experiencing Nightmares, Anxiety Amid Climate Hysteria

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It’s all about the children.

Climate change activists are determined to save the planet for the next generation, even if they have to traumatize that generation in the process.

A new study by BBC Newsround found a significant number of children suffer from some form of climate-related anxiety. The study surveyed a group of 2,000 kids ages 8 to 16.

Most of the respondents reported feeling anxious about the effects of climate change on their future. One out of five said they had experienced bad dreams related to climate fears.

The survey also reflected the children’s dissatisfaction with the handling of the issue by adults, as well as the feeling that their voices are not being heard. Two out of five kids surveyed said they did not trust adults to handle problems caused by climate change. Two-thirds said “leaders aren’t listening enough to young people’s views.”

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Paul Plunkett, editor at BBC Newsround, said the survey shows children are “passionate about protecting the planet,” the Independent reported.

“The climate strikes in 2019 showed their determination to make their voices heard on environmental issues,” he said.

Does anyone remember when the biggest environmental concern for children was playing outside?

Unfortunately, in the philosophy of climate activism, you cannot let kids be kids when there is a planet to save.

Is climate change alarmism harmful to children?

(Never mind the fact that climate activists themselves have admitted there is more to this agenda than protecting the environment. There are power systems to rebuild and a global economy to dismantle.)

Incorporating children has always been a critical goal of environmental activism.

Indoctrination of millennials kicked into high gear back in 1992 with “FernGully: The Last Rainforest,” an animated film in which forest inhabitants fight to save their home from the evils of pollution and the logging industry.

For decades, the culture has been obsessed with pushing gloom-and-doom environmentalist messages on children.

The movement culminated in 2019 with the selection of a child as the new global face of leftist environmentalism.

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Greta Thunberg, the outspoken teenage activist, has gone on a “school strike” to promote her message about climate change.

Instead of encouraging her to continue in school, major media outlets have been eager to celebrate her commitment to the cause.

Many conservatives have pointed out the absurdity of Thunberg receiving such accolades in light of her rather scant accomplishments.

The teenager has proceeded to share her theories about the dire state of the environment. However, even Thunberg has admitted the agenda goes deeper than that. The agenda is about control.

Control of other people’s money and lives is one thing, but now the mission for control has been extended to people’s minds, especially the minds of children.

There are not many Democrats who will stand up to these groups of militant brainwashed children, but, when they do, the results can be hilarious. There is a glimpse of hope in the rare occasions when these groups get a much-needed reality check.

New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, another dominant voice on the topic of climate change, has found a new topic to focus on in the debate about climate change and its effect on young people. For the young democratic socialist, the issue is whether children should even exist or whether the climate is simply too far gone to sustain them.

Or, better yet, some on the far left think that since we are destroying the planet, maybe humans of all ages should just voluntarily go extinct.

As chilling as this message sounds, radical environmentalists are more focused on the plans they have for the children who are already here. Clearly, those plans include terrifying them into compliance with the agenda.

Environmentalists know that when all else fails, focus on the children. If you have the children, you have the future.

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Natalie received her law degree and MA in Political Science from the University of Arkansas. She began writing for The Western Journal in 2020.
Natalie received her law degree and MA in Political Science from the University of Arkansas. She began writing for The Western Journal in 2020.