Study: Cities Run by Anti-Police Democrats See Skyrocketing Murders


Anti-police sentiment gets people killed.

In the now almost year since George Floyd died while in police custody in Minneapolis — leading to a nationwide movement to defund and delegitimize police officers and their departments — homicides skyrocketed in major cities run by Democrats.

Democrats, activist reporters and race-baiters might lie, but data doesn’t.

The Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund, an advocacy group that champions police officers and the challenging jobs they do, compiled data after Floyd’s death on May 25, 2020, which made cops the left’s public enemy no. 1. The results show that defunding the police sent people to their graves.

“Murder surged as police reduced their activity including stops, searches, and arrests,” the LELDF noted in its findings, and the group blamed the alarming uptick on less proactive policing in already dangerous communities.

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“Since June 2020, local leaders and activistsʼ increasing attacks demoralized, debilitated, and, in some cases, defunded law enforcement. As police stepped back, violence surged,” the group noted.

“Urban areas are hardest hit by growing bloodshed with 35% rise in homicide across Americaʼs largest 60 cities. Meanwhile, aggravated assaults (which includes non-fatal shootings) increased by 10.5% — the largest jump in three decades,” the LELDF added.

Some stunning city-by-city statistics, which correlate hands-off law enforcement with more death, were also shared by the group. When comparing homicides with the number of people arrested, the group analyzed data from June 2019 to February 2020 and compared it with data from June 2020 to February 2021.

Per the LELDF, Louisville, Kentucky, saw an alarming increase in murders during the period while the city also reported a drastic decrease in police activity. The city saw an 87 percent increase in murders, while police arrests and stops were down 35 percent.

Would you continue living in a city if local leaders voted to defund law enforcement officers?

Meanwhile, Minneapolis, the city which spawned the nationwide anti-cop movement, saw its rate of murders jump 64 percent, while arrests in the city were down 42 percent.

Chicago, which is already an urban war zone, saw homicides increase 65 percent with the number of people getting arrested down 53 percent.

New York City saw a 58 percent increase in murders, while Los Angeles saw a 51 percent increase in those killed by violence. Police in New York arrested 38 percent fewer people while cops in L.A. made 33 percent fewer arrests.

Milwaukee, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Atlanta, Houston, Seattle and St. Louis all saw alarming increases in murders — as did Portland, Oregon.

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“After the city of Portland slashed its police budget by $12 million and eliminated three police units, the police withdrew while shootings climbed 173% and murders rose 255% in nine months,” the LELDF noted, while adding that St. Louis is America’s most violent city.

“St. Louis is Americaʼs Murder Capital and 3 times more dangerous than Mexico and Central America. In 2020, St. Louisʼ death toll hit a 50-year high with 87 out of every 100,000 residents being murdered,” the LELDF noted.

The group noted that the cities of Baltimore and Chicago each saw similar murder spikes after arrests were curtailed in 2015 and 2016, respectively.

“The hostile work environment for law enforcement makes them risk-averse, reactive, disempowered and discouraged. Increasingly, police are disengaging from the hardest, and riskiest, but most necessary types of police work,” the group concluded in its report.

What do all of the above-named cities have in common?

They’re all run by radical, anti-cop Democrats. They’re the same people who want to disarm law-abiding people while turning their police departments into scapegoats for their own failings.

Defunding and demonizing police officers gets people killed. Since last year, countless lives have been ended or forever shattered as people have been sacrificed at the altar of social justice.

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