As Dems Call To Defund Police, LAPD Says Homicides Are Up 250 Percent in First Week of June


Police officers are invaluable when it comes to preventing crime.

That statement shouldn’t have to be uttered, but in a world in which Democrats have obscured the lines and boundaries of common sense and decency, it needs to be stated — again and again.

Amid growing anti-police sentiment among protestors, Democrats, and the media, officers and their roles in our society are coming under fire.

Officers are being assaulted, stabbed, shot at, wounded and killed.

We are now seeing the effects of the rhetoric which has charged not only good cops, but the entire country, with the death of George Floyd.

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The Minneapolis City Council voted just days ago to disband their police force, and the council’s president offered little in the way of assurance that citizens could depend on their elected officials for protection.

The far-left, intent on enacting social justice above all else, has made America less safe for citizens and police officers, as they’ve successfully created a narrative that law and order on American streets is a racist cause supported only by bigoted people.

But we now see just how vital police officers are in securing peace and enforcing the country’s laws, and the residents of Los Angeles are unfortunately learning that the hard way.

The Los Angeles Police Department stated Tuesday that homicides increased by 250 percent in the first week of June in the city.

Do you think criminals feel emboldened by the rhetoric coming from those who wish to defund police departments?

“The week of 5/31 to 6/6, homicides went up 250% and victims shot went up 56% compared to the previous week,” The LAPD tweeted.

“The past 24 hrs has seen 4 shootings, one of those resulting in a homicide. Detectives are following leads to ID & arrest the suspects — but we’re also asking for your help,” the department added.

KCAL-TV reported the homicide spike and seemed to attribute it to economy reopening after months of shutdowns in response to the coronavirus.

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The local outlet noted, “With more people venturing out into reopening businesses and restaurants, Los Angeles crime has skyrocketed in the first week of June.”

But also during that week, protests initiated by the death of George Floyd while in police custody in Minneapolis took hold of the nation’s biggest cities, and mob violence soon followed.

The Los Angeles area was hit hard by the violence, and before the glass was even swept up off the streets, Mayor Eric Garcetti announced he would reduce funding for the LAPD.

The mob won.

The Los Angeles Times reported Garcetti would cut funding for the LAPD by up to $150 million, and that those funds would be reallocated to communities of color.

The move comes as cries grow louder to defund and disband police departments in other cities.

While LA’s increase in violent homicides can’t be definitively linked to those riots, or to an increase in anti-police rhetoric, there is little doubt that criminals feel more emboldened now as the left justifies their actions.

Homicide victims who could have otherwise woken up today to enjoy a cup of hot coffee or a cool Pacific breeze lie dead in morgues or cemetery plots in Southern California.

Our brave law enforcement officers are caught in the crossfire of a political battle in which their voice has been silenced, and their only recourse is to hang on as they second guess their decision-making for fear their every move is now under the microscope of the media — and it is.

The increase in senseless homicides also came as the LAPD was fully staffed.

It seems a reasonable conclusion that if jobs in the department, or any department nationwide, were to be cut, the result would be more crime, more injustice and more death.

The troubling video of Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin kneeling on the neck of George Floyd on May 25 for nearly nine minutes was troubling, and not one rational person defended it.

Floyd died while in the custody of police, which was a violation of trust between his arresting officers and the community they swore to serve.

But the country’s collective shock over Floyd’s death was hijacked by activists who have used him to demand an end to the rule of law.

Abandoning the country’s police officers, like all liberal ideas involving their fantasy of a harmonious utopia, might sound equitable and just to those who have convinced themselves that crimes are simply statements against oppression.

But in reality, the absence of law and order only creates victims of crimes, and in many cases, those victims are minorities, just like Floyd.

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