Surprise Surprise! Fact Checkers Donate Nearly 100% of Political Contributions to Democrats, New Investigation Reveals


A thorough review of political donations made by professional fact-checkers has found that people in the industry made 99.5 percent of their financial contributions to Democrats or liberal causes.

The review was conducted by The Washington Free Beacon and published on Tuesday.

The results are not surprising, given the fact-checking industry’s penchant for targeting and in many cases censoring conservatives.

The Free Beacon poured over political contributions from the last four election cycles.

People who described their occupations as “fact checker” gave almost entirely to causes and candidates on the left, the outlet found.

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In total, fact-checkers gave $22,683 during the last four election cycles.

Almost 100 percent of that money — $22,580 — went to support Democrats or causes championed by the party.

The Free Beacon reported, “Top recipients include socialist Vermont senator Bernie Sanders, who during the seven-year period received ten times more fact checker money than every Republican combined.”

Meanwhile, “Fact checkers for the New York Times and Reuters, for example, contributed to President Joe Biden, failed South Carolina Democratic Senate candidate Jaime Harrison, and liberal Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign.”

Do you believe fact checkers display a left-leaning bias in flagging news stories and social media posts?

The outlet also discovered fact-checkers on Big Tech platforms such as Facebook and Google also gave their money to Democrats.

One female Google employee who made a contribution to a Republican declined to offer her name in a campaign finance disclosure.

The woman also listed her address as “123 No Name Drive.”

Meanwhile, employees for a company called Appen Global gave their money exclusively to Democrats and liberal causes.

Appen Global is the company that Facebook hired to build its fact-checking apparatus

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Cecilia Nowell, a fact-checker for The New York Times, donated three different times to Warren’s ill-fated 2020 presidential bid, per the report.

In total, the Free Beacon found fact-checkers from 40 different groups or organizations donating their money to Democrats.

Those people were employed to be non-biased guardians of truth at the time of their donations by companies such as CBS News, Google, National Geographic, Reuters and many others.

Numerous outlets listed above declined to comment on the report.

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