Target Gets Bad News from Coalition of State AGs: 'Pride' Campaign Might Have Broken Child Protection Laws


If you happened to be in Target during “pride” month, you may have wondered how the filth and blasphemy displayed in the children’s section could possibly be legal.

Well, it turns out — it may not be.

Seven U.S. state attorneys general have sent a letter to Target, raising concerns that the clothing and merchandise sold as part of the company’s “pride” month campaigns may potentially violate their states’ child protection laws.

The letter was signed by attorneys general from Indiana, Arkansas, Idaho, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri and South Carolina. All are Republicans.

The letter expressed their commitment to enforcing their states’ child-protection and parental-rights laws and their states’ economic interests in the face of Target’s “promotion and sale of potentially harmful products to minors, related potential interference with parental authority in matters of sex and gender identity, and possible violation of fiduciary duties by the company’s directors and officers.”

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The letter quoted Indiana’s child-protection law, which defines the word “obscene” as any material that “appeals to the prurient interest in sex” and includes material harmful to minors.

The attorneys general argued that Target’s promotion and sale of such products to families and young children may have violated these laws.

The letter stated, “Target reportedly promoted and sold products that included ‘LGBT-themed onesies, bibs, and overalls, T-shirts labeled ‘Girls Gays Theys,’ ‘Pride Adult Drag Queen Katya’ (which depicts a male dressed in female ‘drag’), and girls’ swimsuits with ‘tuck-friendly construction’ and ‘extra crotch coverage’ for male genitalia.”

It further stated that Target also included “merchandise by the self-declared ‘Satanist-Inspired’ brand Abprallen,” which featured the phrases “We Bash Back,” “Transphobe Collector,” and “Homophobe Headrest.”

Other products mentioned in the letter were items with anti-Christian designs, such as “pentagrams, horned skulls, and other Satanic products.” One design featured the phrase “‘Satan Respects Pronouns’ with a horned ram representing Baphomet — a half-human, half-animal, hermaphrodite worshiped by the occult.”

The attorneys general also expressed concerns that Target’s “pride” campaign could harm their states’ financial interests.

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They argued that Target’s leadership had a fiduciary duty to their states as shareholders and questioned whether the company’s promotion of the campaign might constitute negligence, given its negative impact on stock prices and customer backlash.

Target’s stock prices dropped 16 percent because of the controversy, the letter stated.

Did Target break any laws with its “pride” campaign?

“It is likely more profitable to sell the type of Pride that enshrines the love of the United States,” the letter stated.

It’s heartening to see the leadership of some states standing up for children and pointing out that the “woke” agenda is harmful all around, including to the stockholders of the companies promoting it.

But the credit for the turning of this tide really lies with the customers, who finally discovered the power of their voices and their pocketbooks.

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Rachel Emmanuel has served as the director of content on a Republican congressional campaign and writes content for a popular conservative book franchise.
Rachel M. Emmanuel has served as the Director of Content on a Republican Congressional campaign and writes for a popular Conservative book franchise.