Teacher Fighting for Life Against Breast Cancer. Students Bring Her to Tears with Song


The PS22 school chorus, in Staten Island, New York, has been famous since its creation in 2000.

It is made up of 60-70 fifth graders who must go through an annual audition process at the beginning of each school year.

When one of the teachers at PS22 became ill, the children in the chorus found a way to let her know how much they cared. They did it with a song, of course.

Fourth grade teacher Mrs. Adriana Lopez, was diagnosed with breast cancer just as she began her job at the prestigious school. She was described as having a joyful smile and an ability to connect with anyone.

“Staff and students loved her right away. When we heard of her devastating news we wanted to make her feel loved and find a way to give back,” said Mr. Gregg Breinberg, the choral director.

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And that’s exactly what they did.

In their rehearsal of their last performance of the year, the chorus decided to surprise Lopez with their rendition of Martina McBride’s “I’m Gonna Love You Through It.”

McBride’s song was written about a loved one struggling with cancer and the words were inspirational.

As Lopez sat on the bleachers, Breinberg told her, “The group was so inspired by your fighting spirit that they decided to sing her the song.” With tissue in hand, Lopez listened to the touching lyrics, “When you’re weak, I’ll be strong, when you let go, I’ll hold on.”

During the bridge of the song, the children held up flowers and when the song was over, Lopez, who is truly appreciative, had her own words to share.

“Thank you for this special moment. It was wonderful, and it’s not easy and I will get through it because I have wonderful friends at this school,” she said, tearfully.

These wonderful fifth graders surrounded her with hugs, just the ammunition she needed for her fight.

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The heart-touching video of their performance reached over 35 million views. This prompted an invitation to the children from The View, alongside Martina McBride herself.

“It was a great opportunity to show the kids that by sharing their talent, and doing what they love, they could share true love and healing,” said Breinberg.

The students showed that the lessons learned in school could be far deeper than the typical subjects.

After dozens of treatments, Lopez is now cancer-free! Though a staggering number of new cancer cases will be diagnosed every year, what is amazing is how the love and care of family and friends can create healing power.

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