Teacher Gives Student 15 Seconds To Take Down Trump Flag or He'll Be Kicked Out of Class


A high school student in Northern California was scorned in front of his classmates and threatened with being removed from virtual class over a flag in his bedroom which showed support for President Donald Trump.

The incident happened last week at Colusa High School in Colusa County, which is about an hour’s drive north of Sacramento.

The county was actually won by Trump in the 2016 election, who defeated Hillary Clinton by a margin of 53 percent to 39 percent.

Despite the area’s apparent Republican-leaning nature, not everyone in Colusa County is friendly toward the president and those who support him.

In fact, a teacher at the high school apparently found a Trump flag on the wall of one of her students so offensive, she ordered him to abruptly remove it.

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A woman identified by KOVR-TV only as Tiffany told the station her son was the young man who found himself in the crosshairs of a triggered teacher.

“Since school has begun, my son has had this Trump flag hanging in his background,” Tiffany told the station.

The school is putting its students through distance learning amid the coronavirus pandemic, so kids are going to class daily via Zoom.

Do you think that distance learning is a viable way for most kids to get an education?

Last week, Tiffany’s son joined his chemistry class on the app when the situation got ugly.

“You can sit up, remove the flag or reposition your camera within the next 15 seconds or I’m kicking you out of class,” Tiffany quoted the teacher as telling her son.

His reaction was hilarious.

The triggered chemistry teacher had not yet made it to the count of ten when the young man excused himself by waving goodbye and promptly closing the Zoom app.

Tiffany might have a real rogue on her hands, but in today’s day and age, that might not be such a terrible thing.

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If the system is a liberal order where dissent is discouraged and censorship is the norm, you’ve got to kind of appreciate the kid’s attitude.

To make the saga all the more silly on the teacher’s part, the flag was quite appropriate.

It read “TRUMP 2020” and had one of the president’s campaign slogans, “Keep America Great,” at the bottom.

We can’t say for sure if a loathing for conservatives drove the teacher to madness. Perhaps she had assumed that such imagery was banned statewide in the Golden State.

In any event, her reaction wasn’t the least bit surprising.

Public education is not exactly a rampart for conservative thought or for patriotism, nor is the state of California.

Tiffany was peeved, but not at the chemistry teacher.

“She is a new teacher and it’s a mistake. There hasn’t really been any guidance given to her as a teacher for the school,” she told KOVR.

Tiffany and her son both addressed the school board after the incident, and they apparently were given no resolution.

The school’s student handbook doesn’t stipulate which political slogans are allowed, but it does ban clothing that promotes alcohol, tobacco or drug symbols; clothing with sexual messages; and anything else deemed prejudicial or vulgar.

It’s difficult to see that a Trump flag fits the bill on any of the contraband material for what a young man can have in his bedroom in the age of virtual learning.

The state’s law on the matter specifically states that all students “have the right to exercise freedom of speech and of the press including, but not limited to, the use of bulletin boards, the distribution of printed materials or petitions, the wearing of buttons, badges, and other insignia.”

So, there’s that.

Judging from the story, and the fact that the high schooler didn’t seem to break any rules, it would definitely appear that he was treated unfairly.

If the chemistry teacher had an issue with the flag, then perhaps waiting until after class would have been a better way to handle it.

But kudos to him for sticking to his guns.

Following the herd in high school can lead to being a follower later on down the road.

This young Trump supporter apparently didn’t feel like being canceled over his political views, so he canceled the intolerant class session when he waved goodbye.

According to KOVR, the young man also told the school board he feels uncomfortable returning to his chemistry class.

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