Teen Girl Keeps Daddy's Ashes in Locket Necklace. Now She's Desperate to Find It


When a loved one passes away, there are several ways to commemorate his or her memory.

Some people opt for tattoos, while others engage in charitable works in their loved one’s name.

Memorial lockets are another way to keep your loved one close to you. Now, one such locket is making headlines.

That’s what one girl named Jenny did after her father passed away. He passed away two years ago.

Jenny does not have much of her father: just a few photos — and a locket. This is no ordinary locket, however: it holds some of her father’s ashes.

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The small silver locket is shaped like a heart. The word “Daddy” is inscribed across its surface.

She wore the locket daily, taking comfort in its presence close to her heart. As her mother, Susan Wise, told WTXF, “She feels like it brings her good luck.”

In a tragic turn of events, the locket slipped from Jenny’s neck early in January 2018.

According to Chris O’Connell of Fox 29, Jenny was so upset at losing the locket that she couldn’t tell her mother for several days.

Wise reports that every day after Jenny goes to school, she visits local businesses to see if anyone has turned it in. She also looks in bushes and on the street.

Despite constant searching, it has yet to turn up. Jenny is understandably devastated.

“It’s like losing her father twice,” Wise told WTXF. Now, the family is turning to social media.

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They hope that someone has information that will return the locket to its rightful owner.

In the days following her plea, posts featuring the missing locket have been shared thousands of times.

“I just hope someone has it and is decent enough to return it,” Wise told WTXF. Hopefully someone soon comes forward with this special locket.

Have you ever lost a special piece of jewelry? How would you handle this loss?

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