The Internet Is Falling in Love with a Little Rescue Opossum Named Kricket


Pets are such an amazing addition to a family. As “fur babies,” pets quickly become just another member of the family and often are spoiled with love.

When we think of these furry family members, we often think of cats and dogs. But as many pet owners know, furry babies are not always the common house pet.

Lea Murray is a woman who had her heart stolen by a unique animal: an opossum.

Murray quickly fell in love with the possum named Barley after rescuing him as a baby.

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“I was the ER supervisor at an emergency clinic. Barely’s mama came in, and she was hit by a car,” Murray said.

She immediately felt a connection with the young opossum, and so did countless other animals and their owners at Murray’s veterinarian clinic.

“One lady had to euthanize her dog and it broke my heart,” Murray explained. “I brought Barley out. She started crying holding him. And she’s like, ‘Thank you for making the worst day of my life better.'”

Everyone who met Barley quickly fell in love with him, and the sweet animal continued to make his mark throughout his life. When he passed away from old age, people from across the country came to his funeral.

“I don’t have kids, but he was my kid. We just did everything together,” Murray said.

But that wasn’t the end of Murray’s opossum-owning days. One day, someone contacted her and told her that they found a small white opossum in a flood.

Because of the possum’s white color, she would be an easier target for predators in the wild. So Murray welcomed the animal into her home and named her new friend Kricket.

“She was just full of life. Full of it,” Murray said. “That’s my soulmate!”

Kricket likes to make a lot of trouble, but Murray can’t help but love her.

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“She bites holes in my milk. There’s many toothbrushes she’s eaten,” Murray explained. “She’s an opossum klepto. She’d go to jail in the possum world.”

Even though Kricket will steal food and eat objects, Murray still lets Kricket sit and cuddle with her. Because who doesn’t like to cuddle with their furry babies?

The two also help to change children’s lives often. Murray and Kricket travel around to schools and help teach students about possums. They also go to homes of disadvantaged children.

Murray now runs a rescue for possums that are in need and helps save their lives.

“So many people think they’re just nasty little rodents, and it couldn’t be the furthest thing from the truth!” Murray said. “And if I’m that big, loud-mouth voice for them, hallelujah! I’ll never lose sight of why I do what I do.”

Murray is grateful for having Barley come into her life. Because of him, she has found a new love for these adorable creatures and is able to change the lives of others through rescue and education.

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Allison Kofol is an editorial intern for The Western Journal. She is a student at Grove City College and will receive her Bachelor's Degree in Communication next year.
Allison Kofol is an editorial intern for The Western Journal. She is a student at Grove City College and will receive her Bachelor's Degree in Communication next year. In her spare time, she sings, writes music, crochets, and eats Chick-fil-A. She also loves to spend time at a local jail, where she leads Bible studies with incarcerated women.
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