The Walls Are Closing in on Smollett: New Video Catches Both Actor and Nigerian Brothers


New video evidence in the Jussie Smollett hate crime case builds an even stronger argument that the Empire actor faked the entire thing.

According to Fox News, surveillance video retrieved by the Chicago Police Department shows Smollett and the two Osundairo brothers walking in the same vicinity in the moments leading up to the alleged attack.

The video was obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request by Chicago law enforcement. Take a look at the newly-released video, first found by Fox News’ Matt Finn:

TMZ later uploaded the entire unedited clip, in which the Nigerian brothers are seen walking one direction down a sidewalk just 27 seconds before Smollett is seen walking the opposite way. He appears to be completely fine, strolling along as normal.

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You can see them walking in the video clip below.

Police say the footage from January 29 takes place in the early hours of the morning, around 1:45 – 2 a.m.

Additionally, the video corresponds to recently-released body camera footage in which Chicago police officers respond to Smollett’s 911 call and visit him after the alleged hate crime.

The thin white rope that the Osundairo brothers were holding in the new surveillance video exactly matches what was around Smollett’s neck in the police body camera. Take a look:

Twitter users have been ruthless in their criticism of Smollett, one saying, “#JussieSmollett was so busy trying to frame @realDonaldTrump supporters, he did not think that his lies would catch up with him.”

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“Greatest unintentional comedy ever made. So bad it’s beyond awesome,” another Twitter user said.

Let’s be honest: the case is practically closed at this point.

Smollett, who is gay, originally claimed that two homophobic white men attacked him, made racist comments during the assault and shouted to Smollett that he was in “MAGA country.”

Now we have video of nearly the entire night and it’s pretty clear that the men are not white. There were also no Make America Great Again hats, only red-brimmed hats the brothers bought the day before.

Who would leave a noose around his neck after being assaulted with it? Probably an individual who wanted to fake a hate crime, but isn’t very experienced in faking hate crimes.

Do you think Smollett faked the hate crime?

Smollett brought this all upon himself. His embarrassing attempt to create a fake, politically-motivated assault has already cost him dearly by losing out on filming the last season of Empire. No matter what happens at this point, his reputation will forever be tarnished.

He was set to pull in a cool $1 million from the final season of Empire, according to the Washington Examiner. Now, he’ll have to live with being the laughingstock of America.

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