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Tim Tebow Reveals Deeper Inspiration Behind New Faith-Based Film 'Run the Race'


Tim Tebow first won the hearts of millions as an NFL football player with a passion for Jesus.

Tebow, who has always been open about his faith, is now stepping into a career in film as the producer of “Run the Race,” a family sports movie with a Christian message.

Released in February 2019, the film centers on a high school athlete and his brother as they deal with the emotional aftermath of their mother’s death and father’s neglect.

The movie’s message was special to Tebow, who produced the movie alongside his own brother, Robby Tebow.

According to Tim Tebow, the sibling bond depicted in the film mirrors his own relationship with his brother.

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“It’s not all perfect, but you have that family member, those friends that believe in you and support you and then ultimately understanding that were all running a race … but what race are we even in? You know?” Tebow told Relevant Magazine. “And who are we running toward?”

With “Run the Race,” he wanted to break away from the formula that faith-based films typically follow. While many Christian films adopt a sweet and joyful tone throughout, Tebow wanted “Run the Race” to feel much more true to reality.

“The story wasn’t just beautiful rainbows and roses because that’s not real life,” Tebow said. “And that’s how a lot of faith-based movies were for us growing up — not done very well.”

Producing a film that balances the hope that faith brings and the often painful struggles that we encounter in our day-to-day lives proved to be a challenge. However, the Tebow brothers felt their message was important to convey to believers.

“We’re in a fallen world and bad stuff will happen, but we still have the opportunity to bring the light and be able to share that in the midst of a world where a lot of people are hurting,” Tebow said.

“You don’t want to make it feel like ‘Oh, once I say the prayer everything is going to turn around, and it’s going to change.’ Because that’s not real life, and that doesn’t happen.”

“It’s such a blessing to be able to share that message because ultimately the greatest form of hope that we have is the hope in Jesus, but it doesn’t necessarily change the circumstances that you’re in at the moment. But it does change how I can handle those circumstances that I’m in.”

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Themes of grief and loss are prevalent in “Run the Race.” Tebow drew on his own personal experiences with dealing with such heavy topics.

“I’ve lost a lot of things whether it’s people I’ve been close to, whether it’s [Make A] Wish kids that I’ve loved, and they’ve gone to heaven early, whether it’s been not all your dreams going the way you want,” Tebow told CBN.

“But in the midst of it, what do we have to hold on to, who do we have to hold on to, when everything else feels like it’s shaken, who are we, and whose are we? That’s what ‘Run the Race’ really touches on.”

Historically, faith-based films don’t attract as many movie-goers or positive reviews. Nevertheless, Tebow doesn’t let ratings or numbers discourage him.

In fact, he believes that such films still have a rightful place in theaters and powerful messages to relay to everyone.

“There are a lot of families that are longing for it and want to be able to go take their kids and their family members to the movies and be able to go experience that together and have something that is family-friendly,” Tebow said.

“So I think there’s a marketplace for it. And I think that there are some different people stepping up to try to fill that [need] and bring that encouragement to people whether they’re believers or non-believers.”

Tebow hopes that “Run the Race” will prove that while life isn’t flawless for anyone, faith is worth clinging to in times of both darkness and light.

“Just because you’re a believer doesn’t mean life is going to be perfect or it’s going to be easy. It never said it’s going to be easy, but we do have the hope that it’s going to be worth it,” Tebow said.

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