Tiny Detail in Fetterman's Wife's Tweet Appears to Show She's Abandoned Him Again


The wife of Democratic Sen. John Fetterman of Pennsylvania has seemingly abandoned him for a second time in as many weeks as he remains hospitalized with clinical depression while simultaneously recovering from a stroke.

Gisele Fetterman has made it a point to insert herself into the discussion regarding whether John is healthy enough to serve his constituents. With that said, it is absolutely fair game to ask why she is not right beside him at every moment.

She left her ailing husband last week to take their children to Canada and played the role of overwhelmed mom on Twitter.

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It was easy enough for some people to sympathize with her the first time she bailed on John. She is raising children, their father is in the hospital and is clinically depressed, and she said she was overwhelmed by a deluge of media coverage.

But she was not so overwhelmed after John’s 2022 stroke that she encouraged him to drop out of the race so he and the family could heal in relative peace.

In fact, she pushed his candidacy on voters who are now left without adequate representation in the Senate. She campaigned for her husband at every opportunity after it was apparent he was struggling to even communicate.

Last week, Gisele was in Canada and New York. This week, she appeared to leave John again to return to Pennsylvania.

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She shared a story from The Washington Post headlined, “How Gisele Fetterman became the right wing’s favorite super villain.” She commented, “In the worst moments of our lives, women are told it’s their fault. In case you need to hear it today: It’s. Not. Your. Fault.”

She concluded, “I will keep living and fighting with love. We all need more of it.”

There was some serious #GirlPower energy in the post, and Gisele’s followers showered her with predictable sympathy and adoration. But she left her account’s location services on.

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Her tweet said she was in Braddock, Pennsylvania, where she and her family live, and where her husband was mayor until 2019.

That means John was almost certainly sitting alone at Walter Reed at the time.

John Fetterman, of course, served his purpose for his party when he defeated Mehmet Oz in November. Democrats in Washington probably could not care less about him, so long as they keep his seat.

But did he also serve his purpose for Gisele when he elevated her to the position of the wife of a U.S. senator? Was that the point of his campaign — so she could enjoy the spotlight?

Gisele Fetterman could easily make the case that she is overwhelmed and needs room to breathe. She did exactly that last week.

But that doesn’t explain why she appears so intent on seeking attention on the internet.

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