Tom Brady Enrages Veterans by Comparing NFL Season to Military Deployment - Even MSNBC Host Shocked


This simply isn’t right.

Future Hall of Fame Quarterback Tom Brady compared the rigors of the NFL season with those of military deployments in a recent interview.

Brady was speaking with basketball pro Kevin Durant on the “Let’s Go” podcast, according to CBS Sports. Brady’s episode was released on Monday.

“I almost look at football season like you’re going away on deployment,” the Buccaneers quarterback said of his career.

“It’s like, ‘Man, here I go again.’ There’s only one way to do it.”

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The conversation came amid reports of Brady’s marriage to Gisele Bündchen undergoing strain due to his seemingly endless career in the sport.

For one, service members deployed overseas don’t get the option of coming home to their mansions after games and daily practices, like Tom Brady does.

And don’t get started on the reports of Brady getting kicked out of his family house; the millionaire many times over has an entire portfolio of mansions available for his personal use, according to the New York Post.

Even an MSBNC host criticized Brady’s flawed and self-serving comparison.

Some veterans moved to correct the GOAT after he commandeered their life experiences as his own.

Many Americans who have deployed to a combat zone never returned to their families, period. That is one reality that Brady should understand is completely inapplicable to an NFL career, as arduous as it is.

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It’s true that many NFL players deal with lifelong health consequences as a result of their careers in the physical sport, but this is equally true of many American veterans, as well.

A 2016 study concluded that veterans are 40 percent more likely to experience chronic pain than civilians

Needless to say, military service members put themselves on the line with the objective of defending the Constitution and Americans. Football players accept a risk of injury for elite compensation with the intent of entertaining their audiences.

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An Army Ranger veteran criticized the quarterback for the comparison in a Wednesday Instagram post.

“Hey [Tom Brady] — this statement is naive and offensive on so many levels. You play a game, for entertainment, and seem to have lost your perspective,” Army ‘Black Hawk Down’ veteran Brad Thomas said of Brady’s remarks.

The football legend’s unmatched career speaks for itself, but Brady seriously erred in comparing an NFL season and a military deployment.

Sometimes people worthy of admiration say things that are erroneous and objectionable. Football’s GOAT should apologize for the botched and inaccurate comparison, honestly.

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