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All It Took Was 1 Wrong Question on Guns for Libs To Turn on CNN's Jake Tapper

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Some things are certain. Death. Taxes. And the fact that leftists lose their minds when questioned about the actual merits of their ideas.

If you ask a leftist about the facts of when life begins, he or she will call you a sexist and claim you hate healthy women.

If you ask a leftist about a reasonable, sustainable border reform policy, he or she will call you racist and xenophobic.

If you ask a leftist about the fact of a zero success rate for socialism, he or she will call you a greedy, compassionless crony.

As left-leaning CNN anchor Jake Tapper recently learned, even if you are a leftist, a reasonable question about the merits of another leftist’s plan will get you chewed up and spit out.

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Here’s what happened. Tapper had 2020 presidential contender, Sen. Cory Booker, on his show. He had the nerve to ask the senator a thoughtful question about how his proposed gun control plan would have stopped the recent shooting in Virginia Beach.

Booker struggled to answer the question. Watch below:

But rather than take issue with Booker’s inability to answer a straightforward question about his own proposed gun policies, the left blamed Tapper.

Do you think those on the left don't understand gun control?

“What is the point of this question, except to give cover to the right? It’s absurd to ask which law would “prevent” a specific crime. It doesn’t work like that, and Jake knows it,” a Charles Johnson wrote on Twitter.

It’s absurd to ask how a proposed gun law would address a gun-related crime? If it doesn’t work “like that,” then it doesn’t work. At all.

And by the way, do you see how right I am? When I say those on the left are insulted and put out that they dare defend the merits of their own ideas, I’m not joking. They have little to say beyond their virtue signaling. It’s as if they are allergic to actual facts and pragmatic realism.

But it wasn’t just leftists on Twitter who took issue with Tapper’s sensible question.

Leftist Charles Blow, writer of columns for the left-leaning New York Times, was infuriated Friday on “Real Time with Bill Maher.” And it wasn’t because he thought Booker should have had a better answer. It was because Tapper supposedly asked a “horrible question.”

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“Because what we’re doing is picking out one incident out of 30,000 deaths per year and saying, ‘How could you solve this one thing?’” Blow said, railing against Tapper’s question. “That is not the objective of gun control. The objective of gun control is to reduce capacity to kill people who should not be killed.”

So, we should never ask a leftist how his or her solution will fix a specific thing? But rather, knowing that those on the left are unable to give any, or few, examples of how their proposals would actually address a problem, we should just smoke their virtue pipe with them and amend the Constitution?

To his credit, Tapper defended his question for what it was — a simple inquiry into the real-life impact of a presidential contenders policies.

Tapper will learn soon enough. Those on the left refuse to be questioned. We must all bow or pay the price.

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