Transgender Teacher Removed from the Classroom After Parents See His Social Media Posts


Leftists see themselves as brave, revolutionary civil rights heroes. But they’re not fighting to give black Americans equal rights like the real civil rights heroes. Rather, they’re fighting to liberate your children.

You see, to them, children are inherently sexual and gender-fluid. They think to themselves, “If only these kids were taken away from their backward, evil, religious parents, then they could be free to choose whatever gender and sexual orientation fits them.”

Because of this, many duplicitous political activists have infiltrated the public school system. They’re on a mission to save your kids by exposing them to sex, gender confusion and other concepts not appropriate for children.

Take, for example, Lydia Lamere, a transgender substitute school teacher in Portland, Maine. On Jan. 20, parents of King Middle School students learned Lamere had been sharing sexual TikTok videos with them, according to The Maine Wire.

The report said Lamere wrote his TikTok account name on the whiteboard for all the class to see, essentially asking students to follow so they could watch his videos.

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“On Thursday I was made aware of concerns that students were accessing videos late Wednesday on TikTok,” Caitlin LeClair, principal of King Middle School, said in an email to parents the following day.

Lydia Lamere, a man who dresses like a woman, is about what you’d expect. According to The Maine Wire, he has gone by various names and taken on various self-identities, including those of “transgender woman,” “transgender lesbian” and “non-binary.”

On his TikTok, Lamere posted videos of himself dancing provocatively and promoting his twisted views of gender and sexuality, all with the intent that children would watch.

Although the videos were deleted from TikTok, tech-savvy students were able to save them. Shortly thereafter, Lamere was fired.

He certainly is not alone in doing this to schoolchildren.

Across the country, leftists are continuing to infiltrate school systems with the very same goal — to sexualize children by introducing them to the idea that they can change their gender.

There is perhaps no greater evidence of this than what can be found on the Twitter timeline of Libs of TikTok, an account devoted to exposing radical leftists by merely showing the videos they post on social media.

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A shocking number of the videos shared by Libs of TikTok are filmed by public school teachers wanting to indoctrinate children.

There are many more videos, a seemingly endless number of them, showing leftist teachers explaining their insane, manipulative agenda.

Democratic Party leaders can pretend all they want that “grooming” isn’t going on in schools. This is definitive proof of it.

The left is coming for your kids.

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